OneDrive | automatic sync interruption | new version 18.095.0510.0001

New sync client - automatic sync stop

I have to correct me. But sometimes the US change log for the newest versions are late.

The version 18.091.0506.0003 is now a production release. And there is one characteristic, which I have seen, but not described. If Windows is change to safe mode, all synchronization will be automatic stopped.  The same behavior is starting , if you have declared a network to a metered connection.

You find that in Windows settings| Network & Internet | WiFi | Manage  known networks

metered connection  stops sync

Here you you may select your network and turn on Set the metered connection. The Picture is an example for the Germany railway “die Bahn”  called ICE. So in all railways you will have the same Hot Spot name WIFIonICE. The issue with this hotspot is, it is free of charge but they will throttle your connection, because your data volume is limited. So now I do not have to worry about that. On the other hand, if you work with Outlook, you will receive also a mark, that you will not receive any new mails, unless you switch off in Outlook. That does not mean, that you also switch on your Synchronization to OneDrive Personal, OneDrive for Business and synchronizations to all of your doc libs in SharePoint Online. If you connect later on to another WiFi-Hotspot, Synchronization with the Next Generation Sync Client will automatically start again.

So, that’s were some information about the production version 18.091.0506.0003

new NGSC Version for Insiders are available:




So each 14 days Microsoft release a new Version. And at the end of May they released a new Insider Version. You may download all versions from this Blog Post, this Insiders Version you may download also from here.

And here is the Link for the change log.


So I described it in my previous Blog Posts. Microsoft do not say anything about Insiders Version. If you found any new function or behavior, please advice me.

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