OneDrive Insider Version 21.245.1128.0001

OneDrive Version 21.245.1128.0001

On the Microsoft OneDrive blog, Ankita Kirti has published a Blog post that has some users frowning. First, there is a new version for MAC users that shows version 21.239.1118.0001 as a standalone. Some comments show that you may have to uninstall the App Store version first, then download the OneDrive package from Microsoft with version 21.220.1024.0005, and then opt-in to the PrewView versions (Insider).

On the other hand, the 2nd image shows a version that is also somewhat unfortunate. If you look closely, this is a Microsoft internal version 21.240.1121.0001, but the user will not get this version. Generally speaking, a user does not have to worry about the version. I have several devices that at different days, get the latest version.

Insider versions you get automatically after joining. Since June 2021, Microsoft does not publish any notes about Insider versions.

So if you need the latest Insider version as soon as possible at your own risk, you can download both the 32-bit and 64-bit version here. However, you have to uninstall the old OneDrive version first, then install the new version, and then try out the new version.

OneDrive Insider Version 21.245.1128.0001

The Community Bot for OneDrive also knows the „latest OneDrive version“. The Bot runs in Microsoft Teams and can be downloaded there. Or in the WebChat version

Explanations about the Community Bot for OneDrive can be found here and here is the link to the WebChat version.

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