OneDrive for Business | Version 17.3.6963.0807 published

NGSC: Version 17.3.6963.0807

Silly season. Nothing new one with the NGSC versions?

So I have waited some days. If I may read some news from Microsoft Change log about OneDrive. Unfortunately not. Nothing. Silly season. Summertime.

[Update 08/22/17]

Microsoft puplished one little entry:

Fixed issues related to sync reliability and application stability.

[End Update]

I only know, that I have received different versions of the NGSC on different devices.

operating system Office 365 release NGSC Version
Windows 7 First Release 17.3.6955.0712
Windows 8.1 First Release 17.3.6963.0807
Windows 10 First Release 17.3.6963.0807
Windows 10 Windows Insider 17.3.6963.0807
Windows 10 Standard Release 17.3.6943.0625

A few days before (08/08/17) I received version 17.3.6962.0731 on a Windows 8.1 device. Now this version was updated (08/11/17) to version 17.3.6993.0807.

You do not have to think about it. I have updated my change-log. Store the link under your favorites.

… perhaps someone has seen Nessi…

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