OneDrive | new Insider Version 18.235.1125.0006

Next Generation Sync Client 18.235.1125.0006

Meanwhile we receive every 14 days a new version. Version 18.222.1104.0006 was released as a release version on 12/06/18. And 4 days later I got the version 18.235.1125.0006, about which there is (still) no documentation.

With the release version 18.222.1104.0006 you have to look at the US website, the German website is here afterwards.

  • Bug fixes to improve the reliability and performance of the client.#
  • Group Policies to connect to the SharePoint Server 2019
    About various social networks I have received requests for configuration, and there is the instructions direct from Microsoft
    The description there shows exactly that this can be done with both Group Policy and registry key registration, both for exclusive use of the Next Generation Sync Client (OneDrive.exe) and SharePoint Server 2019, as well as for use in a hybrid environment, using a SharePoint Server 2019 and SharePoint Online (Office 365).

Registry Keys, if you want to sync with SharePoint Server 2019


There are also differences in the synchronization of files in SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online

  • folder names
  • File thumbnails and preview
  • Shares of Date Explorer
  • data protection

If you configure the use of SharePoint Server 2019 and SharePoint Online for your users, you should point out the differences between the users!

    • In the documents provided by Microsoft, the minimum requirement of the OneDrive Sync client version is 18.131.0701.004 or higher.
      And as described above, the 18.222.1104.0006 version has changes to sync to SharePoint Server 2019, so I recommend this version when using SharePoint Server 2019. Or of course a higher version.
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