OneDrive Insider Version 23.011.0115.0004

New OneDrive Insider Version 23.011.0115.0004
new Version for  Production Ring 23.002.0102.0004
OneDrive Version for iOS 13.48.2
OneDrive Versioin foir Android 6.72

At the turn of the year, Microsoft has changed a few small things internally, which also caused me to falter. But on 24.1.2023 Microsoft has not only published the OneDrive Insider version 23.011.0115.0004, but also a new production version 23.002.0102.0004. What is still missing is the deferred version, but that will be delivered in a few days. As usual you can find the different versions here for Windows, the complete list of all OneDrive versions can be seen here.
The OneDrive Insiders will receive each week a new version, therefore you should bookmark the pages above)

For testing purposes (for example bug testing) you can download the different versions .

You can find there for the different rings (Insider, Production, Deferred) versions for

  • Windows 32 Bit
  • Windows 64 Bit
  • Windows ARM
  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • Android

If you have installed the Community Bot for OneDrive in Teams, ask him with the Short Link „SL01“

[Update 01/31/23]
New Updates published by Microsoft. Insider 23.020.0125.0001 and Production 23.007.0109.0004

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