The OneDrive Flyout Menue

OneDrive FlyOut Menu in Windows 11 Explorer
OneDrive FlyOut Menu in Windows 11 Explorer

On 2/21/22 I wrote about the button in the Explorer. Please read first here. Well, the integration in Windows 11 Explorer now has a name:

OneDrive Flyout Menu

Most of the problems described have been fixed. I received an announcement from Microsoft that this should be done as of OneDrive version 20.051. However, this is a Microsoft internal version, so the insiders had to wait another week. On 03/22/22 it was then with the Insider OneDrive version 22.055.0313.0001 so far. In the meantime, however, the Windows team had also rolled out a new Insider version to Windows 11: Build 22 581.

In the OneDrive FlyOut menu have been corrected:

  • If the user has clicked on a folder/file in the Explorer that has its origin in a SharePoint library, free space (of OneDrive for Business) is now no longer displayed.
  • This is only ever shown if the underlying library is OneDrive for Business.
  • For me, the OneDrive FlyOut menu means an increase in productivity in Explorer, because it only takes two mouse clicks to display the web version of OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or the respective SharePoint library.

The only minus point I have to mention is that I have problems with synchronization of certain area. The current causes:

Omission of certain areas that are simply no longer synchronized and no more icons are displayed in the StatusField. However, this happens not only in Windows 11, but also in Windows 10, and so far I have observed it only in OneDrive Personal/Consumer. The error can be easily corrected, you just have to click the gray OneDrive cloud in the notification bar, click the gear for the properties in the upper right corner and then pause the synchronization (2 hours). However, a few seconds are enough for this. After that, unpause it and the sync client will be reinitialized and the icons in Windows Explorer will be there again.

Here a video about the OneDrive Flyout Menu in Windows 11

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