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The Year 2019 – some highlights

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Merry Xmas

So the year end. The decade ends too. At the end of this years I want to say Thank you. Thank you for give me feedback during the different sessions around the planet. Thank you, get some new friends. Thank you for my old friends. Thank you supporting me.

Das Jahr geht zu Ende. Und auch das Jehrzehnt endet. Und deshalb wird es Zeit, Danke zu sagen. Danke für die vielen positiven Rückmeldungen während meiner vielen Vorträge, die ich an unterschiedlichen Orten auf den vielen Konferenzen rund um den Planeten Erde gehalten habe. Danke für die vielen neuen Freunde, Danke für die vielen bestehenden Freunde. Danke für Eure Unterstützung

January 2019

OneDrive Deep Dive - Saarbrücken The year 2018 begun with a OneDrive Deep Dive in Saarbrücken.

Das Jahr 2019 begann mit einem OneDrive Deep Dive Sessionb in Saarbrücken.

February 2019

SharePoint Saturday Bremen In the Northern part of germany I have had a session at SharePoint Saturday Bremen

In Bremen habe ich eine OneDrive Session  beim SharePoint Saturday gegeben.

IgniteTheTour Hongkong On the other side of the planet: Microsoft Ignite The Tour Hongkong. Microsoft invited me to the great Event. Thank You.

Danke an Microsoft, welche mich eingeladen haben, auf der anderen Seite des Planeten, in Honkong zu sprechen

April 2019

MVP Week in Münster Old friends and one rich winner. Special OneDrive Deep Dive

Eine spezielle OneDrive Session für einen Teilnehmer bei der MVP Woche in München.

Solvion Roadshow in Vienna and Graz 2 days in Austria. With friends from Solvion and Valo

Wien und Graz waren die Station der Valo Roadshow

Global Azure Bootcamp Mannheim I have met old and new friends at Mannheim during the Global Azure Bootcamp 2019

In Mannheim habe ich alte, aber neue Freunde widergesehen. Beim Azure Bootcamp 2019

Mai 2019

Jahreskongress der mbuf in Karlsruhe mbuf was calling. Great sessions at Karlsruhe

Erneuter Teilnahmne mit einem Vortrag beim Jahreskongress der mbuf.

SharePoint Saturday Cologne It was a pleasure for me, to organize together with Jenny Eimertenbrink and Raphael Köllner. the SharePoint Saturday Cologne

Es war mir eine Freude, zusammen mit Jenny Eimertenbrink and Raphael Köllnerden SharePoint Saturday in Köln mitzuorganisieren.

OneDrive Deep Dive Mannheim Once again in the my old hometown Mannheim:

OneDrive Deep Dive

Wieder einmal in meiner alten Heimastadt Mannheim gewesen. OneDrive Deep Dive stand auf dem abendlichen Tagungspunkt.

aOS Event in Luxembourg First aOS Event in the year 2019 at Luxemburg

Ein kurzer Abstecher nach Luxembourg zum ersten aOS Event in 2019

01 OneDrive 2nd time in Hanau: CDC Conference

Zum zweitenmal in Hanau. Zur Cloud & Datacenter Konferenz

ESC2019 Greatest Community event in Germany: The European Collaboration Summit 2019

Over 2000 attendees, meet so many old friends, make some new one too. 200 attendes in my OneDrive Session.

2000 Teilnehmner waren beim größten Community Event in Wiesbaden vor Ort. 200 in meiner Session.

June 2019

SharePoint Saturday London a short Weekend in London for the SharePoint Saturday opposite of Westminster and the Big Ben.

Gegenüber vom Westminster und dem Big Ben fand der SharePoint Saturday in London statt.

01 OneDrive A workshop in Vienna and a absolut great OneDrive Session during SharePoint Conference in Vienna.

Mit einem Workshop und einem Vortrag zum Thema OneDrive war ich nach Wien gefahren.

September 2019

Office Camp 2019 in Gelsenkirchen Autumn starts with 3 sessions at Office Camp 2019 in Gelsenkirchen.

Der Herbst at mich nach Gelsenkirchen geführt. Zum Office Camp 2019

Oktober 2019

SharePoint Forum Stuttgart Provocant title for a OneDrive Session during SharePoint Forum at Stuttgart.

Ein provokanter Titel , zum ersten Mal vorgetragen in Stuttgart beim SharePoint Forum .

ReBuild in Nantes France East of France, direkt with the TGV, great friends and amazing french people.

Mit dem TGV via Paris nach Nantes. Großartiges Ereignis in Frankreich

aOS in Aachen 2nd aOS Event in 2019 in Aachen,

Zweiter aOS Veranstaltung in Aachen

 Evolve in Birmingham a short trip to Birmingham for a OneDrive session during Evolve 2019

November 2019

Microsoft Ignite 2019 Biggest event for me. 30000 attendees at Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

Microsoft invited me for two OneDrive sessions.

Microsoft hat mich zum größten eigenen IT-Veranstaltung eingeladen.

Microsoft Ignite The Tour : Paris 2019 Microsoft IgniteTheTour starts in Paris. I have had two Sessions about OneDrive.

Nach Orlando direkt nach Paris. Hier startet Microsoft Ignite The Tour.

SharePoint and Office 365 Saturday, Munich Direct at Microsoft Munich. 400 attendess and an amazing Infotainment show with the Cloud in my handbag.

Direkt bei Microsoft. Volles Haus mit 400 Teilnehmern und einer Infotainment Show

Dezember 2019

ESPC19-06 The European SharePoint Office 365 & Azure Conference  at the end of the year in Prag.

I have met so many old and new friends there…

Dieses Jahr machte die ESPC in Prag Station

Modern Workplace Conference 2019 at Paris Chaos trip from and to the modern workplace conference at Paris. 3rd aOS Community Event.

Great Session on mthe main stage and again great discussion with freinds.

Der Abschluss des Jahres. der dritte aOS Community Event

There were 24 Meetups, Events and Conferences in 2019. 2020 may come.

24 Meetups, Veranstaltungen und Konferenzen waren es dieses Jahr. Das nächste Jahr kann kommen.

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MVP Coffee cup

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MVP Coffee Cup

Endlich werde ich jeden Tag erinnert, für was ich meinen MVP Award bekommen habe. Vielen Dank für die Kaffeetasse. Danke Martine Tiphanie, MVP Lead France

Finally I am reminded every day of what I got my MVP Award for. Thank you for the coffee cup. Thanks Martine Tiphanie, MVP Lead France

Enfin, je me rappelle chaque jour pour quoi j’ai obtenu mon MVP Award. Merci pour la tasse de café. Merci Martine Tiphanie, MVP Lead France

Last Conference | Modern Workplace Conference 2019 Paris

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3 times France. Starting with the ReBuild in Nantes, then right after Microsoft Ignite in Orlando Ignite The Tour kicks off in Paris, and then the last Community Event for me with over 800 people at Microsoft HQ in France:

The Modern Workplace Conference 2019

It was a great event, even the agenda has to be changed all the way. Because of the Strike in Paris, no Metro, no TGV, only with Bicycle and of course, cars, means Taxi or Uber. And sometimes you have to wait a little bit longer. I have had booked a 1st class ticket from Stuttgart direct to Paris. Unfortunatelly, it was canceled. So I have rented a car and it takes me in 8 hours to the doors of Paris. To reach my Hotel I need 2 more hours. Stop and Go.

After a 2 welldone Keynotes I have had my session about OneDrive and have had a lot of fun with old and new friends. They made a video with several people.


Preparation of the video team with Vesa Juvonen, Microsoft as the Keynote speaker.


3 MVPs in a row: Tomas Poszytek, Edyta Gorzon and Robert Mulsow


The one and only: Laurie Pottmeyer, Microsoft


The young generation still needs a translator: Laurie Pottmeyer and Patrick Giuimonet


After my Session on wednesday (it was live streamed and recorded) I tried to escape the rush hour traffic. But no chance. 3 Hours out of Paris and then 7 hours back to home. Exhausted but still happy. Again I was able to share my knowledege to the Community.

As mentioned, that was my last Conference. For the Year 2019. For the Decade. This Year I made over 18 Conferences in different countries of the planet. Orlando US, Hongkong and Paris were the highlights. I found so many new friends around the planet, have met old friends and want to say: Next decade may come. Next year will come

Microsoft Ignite 2019 & European SharePoint Conference 2019

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If you take it exactly, it is called European SharePoint Office365 & Azure Conference, simply called EPSC19. This took place this year with large participation of Microsoft Speakers in Prague. But more than 100 MVP’s, MCM’s and RD’s met there to share your knowledge.

Wenn man es genau nimmt, heisst es ja European SharePoint Office365 & Azure Conference, einfach EPSC19 genannt. Diese fand dieses Jahr mit großer Beteiligung von Microsoft Sprechnern in Prag statt. Aber auch über 100 MVP’s, MCMs und RDs trafen sich dort, um Ihr Wissen zu teilen.

Hier ein Interview mit Christian Buckley und mir
Here’s an interview with Christian Buckley and me

And after there was no technical problem at the beginning, both sessions that I was allowed to hold in Orlando on the Microsoft Ignite 2019 at Orlando are now online:

Und nachdem am Anfang noich ein technische Problem vorlag, sind jetzt auch beide Vorträge, die ich in Orlando auf der Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Orlando halten durfte, online:


More value: B2B sync with Microsoft OneDrive

Video and Slides : More value: B2B sync with Microsoft OneDrive


OneDrive Group Policies – not only for the enterprise

Video and Slides: OneDrive Group Policies – not only for the entrprise

Recap Microsoft Ignite and Ignite The Tour

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Microisoft Ignite 2019 & Ignite The Tour Paris

Eine Woche Orlando war schnell vorüber. Das Schöne daran: Man flog in die Wärme, denn 29 Grad Celsius tat dem Körper gut. Wenn, ja wenn die Amerikaner in geschlossenen Räumen nicht im Eisschrank wohnen würden. Im Uber oder Taxi habe ich ja noch Verständnis, aber in den riesigen Hallen wird jede Menge Energie aufgebracht, um Kühlschrank-Temperaturen zu erzielen. Schon am ersten Tag während der Keynote von Microsoft CEO Satja Nadella habe ich das einschneidende Erlebnis eines Eisblock- Ars… bekommen. Das hat sich über die ganze Woche hingezogen, und wurde auch in den Feedback-Bögen von den Teilnehmern erwähnt. Zu Kalt und schlechtes Internet. Im letzten Jahr war dieser Punkt noch in Ordnung, aber so manche Demo funktionierte nicht so, wie sie geplant war. Wurde der Provider von Microsoft ausgetauscht? War der „alte“ zu teuer? Das aber waren die einzigen negative Punkte zur Microsoft Ignite.

Microsoft Ignite 2019, Orlando, Theater-Session

Die beiden Sessions über Gruppenrichtlinien zu OneDrive und der neuste Part „B2B Sync mit OneDrive“ liefen hervorragend, und ich war auf das langsame, nicht immer funktionierende Internet vorbereitet, und habe zu der Video-Aufzeichnung gegriffen. Typisch deutsch: Vorbereitet und Plan B im Gepäck. Die lange Halle, „The Hub“ war voll mit Ausstellern und Microsoft Ständen. Besonders bei Teams, Yammer und OneDrive kamen die Gefühle von den Anfängen der CeBIT wieder, wo sich Tausende am Stand vorbeigedrückt haben. Fragen über Fragen wurden von Microsoft Mitarbeitern geduldig beantwortet. Das Rahmenprogramm konnte sich ebenfalls sehen lassen, wenn gleich ich einige Partys einfach weggelassen habe. Dafür habe ich viele Freunde, die ich mittlerweile rund um den Globus angesammelt habe, wiedergesehen. In diesem Blog Post werde ich inhaltlich nur wenig sagen, meine 2 Highlights sind und waren:

Project Cortex
Microsoft Teams

Und über beide Themen werden wir noch viel hören und lesen. Da ich meinen Husten nicht völlig auskuriert hatte hat die Kälte zugeschlagen und diesen wiedergebracht. Mit voller Wucht. Und so kam ich zurück nach Deutschland in die Kälte, zumindest was die Außentemperaturen anging. Sonntag war JetLeg Tag. Montags die wichtigsten Emails durchgegangen und dann gings auch schon wieder los. Nach Paris. Dort startete nämlich Microsoft Ignite The Tour. Im letzten Jahr waren es weltweit 17 Städte, das Konzept war so gut, dass dieses Jahr Microsoft in 30 Städten weltweit Halt macht. Hier steht das Internet. Und damit stand einer Live Demo mit Azure Portal und PowerShell nichts im Wege. Diese Demo gehört zu B2B Sync mit OneDrive und darüber werde ich in einem separatem Blogpost berichten. Bis die Tour in Berlin aufschlägt, müssen wir ja noch bis zum 29./30. April warten. Aber sie kommt. Definitiv.

Microsoft IgnIte The Tour, Paris, Theater Session

Microsoft Ignite The Tour | first stop Paris

1. November 2019 2 Kommentare

Next Week many people are in Orlando for one week. Between 4th and 8th of November 2019 Microsoft has invited and many attendees flying to Florida. So in Orlando I have Two sessions.  But do you know, that Microsoft Ignite is going on Tour ? This is called Microsoft Ignite The Tour

30 cities around the world, and first stop is Paris, one week after Microsoft Ignite in Florida.

Microsoft Ignite The Tour, Paris

So I’m prod that I also speak in Paris. I have 2 OneDrive Sessions:


More Value: B2B Sync with OneDrive

Microsoft Ignite The Tour: More Value: B2B Sync with OneDrive

More and more companies are in the Cloud or going into the Cloud. With Office 365 and Collaboration B2B Sync (Business to Business Synchronization) Microsoft is going to move enhance such capabilities.


My second talk is a short Theater Session


The Cloud in my handbag

The Cloud in my handbag: The Cloud in my handbag

Information workers think, they always need all the data. Therefore, you see these people with large laptops during their business travel. However, the cloud and full integration of SharePoint document libraries into your small devices make it possible to work anytime, anywhere, even if access to petabytes of data is considered necessar


So I invite you to join my Sessions, Maybe we se us in Paris?

I’m speaking at #ESPC19!

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Intelligent Acceleration of daily Work with OneDrive

The countdown is on to the European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference – just 7 weeks to go!

Join me on Wednesday 4th of December for my session “Intelligent Acceleration of Daily Work with OneDrive

OneDrive is more than a client for synchronization with the cloud. The daily work in the team and with external people can be significantly accelerated with OneDrive, if we are familiar with the specifics of OneDrive. The talk explains the basic principles of OneDrive, explains features such as Files On Demand, Share and History, and demonstrates in practical demos how the intelligence of SharePoint has been integrated with Office and Windows 10 as a presentation Layer with the latest status from all document libraries via OneDrive.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

· OneDrive under the hood

· File Explorer as a presentation layer to SharePoint Libraries

· Intelligent Office programs

For those of you who haven’t been before, or are thinking of attending, ESPC is a really fun, welcoming event with a big focus on the topics and learning. It brings together an amazing group of speakers, sponsors and delegates, including Microsoft Leaders, Product Team members and leading community RDs, MVPs and MCMs, so we can all help each other achieve great things with SharePoint, Office 365 or Azure.

In ESPC’s own words, here’s some more about what makes the conference special and why I’m super excited to attend.

More Reasons to Attend ESPC19:

· Focus – 4x days of SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure inspiration, a real chance to dive deep into the topics, to get away from the office and think, learn and enjoy time with your peers. Within the Conference Programme Azure @ ESPC19 will also contain over 40 dedicated Azure sessions.

· Scale – The conference programme covers 11 Full Day Pre-Conference Tutorials, 140+ sessions, 2500+ peers to help you meet your objectives.

· Depth – Catering for levels 100-400, deep-dive sessions delivered by Microsoft Product Team members, RDs, MVPs, MCMs and independent experts who can tailor the appropriate levels of detail.

· BreadthKeynotes, Sessions, Tutorials and Social events. Sessions will provide learning on important topics including; Teams, SharePoint Framework, AI, Security, Graph, Power BI, Azure AD, Flow, Cosmos DB, Windows 10, APIs, IoT, Microsoft 365, Governance and Integration to highlight a few. Pre-Conference Tutorials will offer deep learning from the absolute experts in the areas of PnP, Machine Learning & AI, Azure Infrastructure, Insights and Data, Usage & Adoption, Productivity and SharePoint & Office 365 Development.

· Independence – Learn what’s coming and what works.

· Partners/Vendors – Meet the best local, European and international solution providers in the Exhibition Hall.

· Microsoft – Hear it first. Held in December, ESPC19 will have the most up to date learning and the very latest announcements from Ignite 2019, delivered by Microsoft Leaders and Product Team members, including Jeff Teper, Scott Hanselman, Miri Rodriguez, Vesa Juvonen and Alex Simons. 

· Setting – Amazing venues and location that facilitate comfort, ease of learning and bringing the community together.

· Connections – Multiple opportunities to connect with your peers, people facing or solving the same challenges you face.

· Experts – Simply, the best of the best. Check out this year’s ESPC19 Conference Programme.


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