Conference in Conference

3 conferences in one week

Yes, the headline is correct. But let’s take it one step at a time. Three conferences in one week?  Of these, the first was a collaborative effort involving several people.

aMS Berlin 2022
aMS Berlin 19.05.2022

This took place in Berlin. The date had been chosen especially, in the assumption that at least the Corona requirements would have been relaxed. But also in the assumptions that a conference exclusively with people on site is too early, we chose the type hybrid. Which was technically also a challenge. The international team around Ines G and MVP Thomas S from Berlin, MVP & RD Patrick G from Paris and myself had to deal with adversities like, „Sorry, tested positive today“ as well as a very high now show rate for registrations on site. 

Hybrid with moderation to each session. But finally people in the audience again. 30 sessions with MVPs from 12 countries gave their best and the first surprise was at the speaker dinner, where there were really very „small“ pizzas.

The sun was laughing from the sky and at lunchtime Marvin and Erwin had the task of handing out 100 burgers and fries in 45 minutes.

The food truck for quick food intake

Technically, hybrid is associated with a certain amount of extra work. Especially when you are a guest in other people’s rooms. The whole thing then not only 1x, but 3x.

Of course, others have already given feedback, so I can only say. It was fun. Thanks again to all the speakers and also the sponsors, without whom such an event would not be possible.

2 days of rest and then it was a 14 hour train ride to Slovenia for Thrive. I made the commitment to the Thrive IT conference in Slovenia 2 years ago and it was a very crowded conference. No recording. Everything live. Has something special. Especially Branka and your team managed to have several people from USA there at once. The rest came from Europe. Also valid here. Finally an audience again. 50 sessions. And the scenery and food did the rest to make the event a success.

And even as the Thrive IT conference was winding down, I was already at the next conference. Because Microsoft had invited to Build. MVPs and speakers came together in Berlin as well, but it was impossible to make it. From my side. I was allowed to present a community project together with two MVP colleagues from Austria. We did not describe the digitization of me, sorry of my knowledge around OneDrive at the project Community Bot for OneDrive, but also showed that in this project with a Quality Dashboard improvements can be made to the project. And the Community Bot is far from finished. More channels will follow this year.

Session auf der Build (Aufzeichnung bei Microsoft oder hier, ab Minute 13:50 )

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