ESPC22 Interview and Year WrapUp

The year 2022 is coming to an end. This year, I was on the road at 22 locations. Some of them were virtual, but others were on site. And these events have shown that despite Teams, Zoom, WebEx and the like, there is no substitute for a real meeting with other like-minded people. The last big event was the ESPC 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where MVP Christian Buckley conducted an interview that you can access here or directly from this blog. And then there was something else. Oh yes, it’s Christmas time. And I would like to say thank you. … ESPC22 Interview and Year WrapUp weiterlesen

OneDrive Insider Version 22.248.1127.0001

I think that is the last message for 2022. Between „Thanks Giving“ and the last OneDrive Insider Version 22.248.1127.0001 Microsoft makes some jumps in the numbering. And maybe they will announce until the end of year the changes, they have done with the new settings, have a modern design (new UX). But we have to wait. I have written about that in September. If you need a certain Version you find all versions here for test purposes. All valid Windows Versions you may see here too. So you may install an older version, to see, that the newer version has … OneDrive Insider Version 22.248.1127.0001 weiterlesen

Analytics for Twitter

im Microsoft Download Center hat Microsoft ein Add-In für Excel bereitgestellt. Der Benutzer hat die Möglichkeit, Abfragen direkt in das Excel-Sheet einzugeben und mittels Power-Pivot eine eigene Analyse zu fahren, die dann mittels PowerPivot ausgewertet wird Es können 5 parallele Twitter Suchabfragen eingegeben werden, die allerdings auf 1500 Ergebnisse pro Abfrage und Tag begrenzt sind. Systemvoraussetzungen: Windows 7 Office Excel 2010 PowerPivot für Excel 2010 Minimum 2 GB RAM Harddisc: 5 MB Festplattenspeicher derzeit bekomme ich unter der deutschen Version Probleme, mit der englischen Version funktioniert das Ganze. Hier wird beschrieben, das es bei der deutschen Version um einen bekannten … Analytics for Twitter weiterlesen