ESPC22 Interview and Year WrapUp

ESPC22 Interview and
Year 2022 WrapUp

The year 2022 is coming to an end. This year, I was on the road at 22 locations. Some of them were virtual, but others were on site. And these events have shown that despite Teams, Zoom, WebEx and the like, there is no substitute for a real meeting with other like-minded people.

The last big event was the ESPC 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where MVP Christian Buckley conducted an interview that you can access here or directly from this blog.

Community Reporters

And then there was something else. Oh yes, it’s Christmas time. And I would like to say thank you. First, I thought about listing all the people with whom I have somehow exchanged this year. The list would have been very long. Therefore quite simply

Thanks to all,

  • who have inspired me
  • who have commented on my work
  • who I have „annoyed“
  • who I have „criticized“
  • who have supported me

Thanks for the support

  • to my family
  • to my closest friends
  • to the employees of Microsoft
  • to the community

I wish you all a Merry Christmas


a Happy New Year 2023

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