Events in May 2022

Events in May 2022

There’s a lot going on in May. Here are some events where I speak, or even organize.

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon 2022

Microsoft 365 Virtual marathon 2022

4th May 2022 – 7th May 2022

Organized by some MVP colleagues in the USA. As the name suggests, this event is a marathon, running around the clock with many local vernacular tracks from France, Spain, 2x Japan, Korea and of course in English.

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon 2022
OneDrive - Tips und Tricks

At the Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon I will give two presentations, one in the English part and the same one in the German track and this one in German of course. This online event is free of charge, but as usual, you have to register.

OneDrive Tipps and Tricks
in German: 5th of May 2022 14:00 MESZ German Track
in Englisch: 6th of May 2022 11:00 MESZ Track 1

aMS Berlin 2022
Organization, event and registration

aMSBerlin 2022

19th of May 2022
5 months ago we started to plan a hybrid event. On the one hand, it is not so easy to find suitable rooms. Corona rules still prevailed. On the other hand, there are many technical things that are required of a hybrid event. The hot phase of such an event has now begun. 30 MVPs from 12 countries have agreed to present highlights and news from the Microsoft 365 world to the community. Three tracks Hybrid, two Online.

The event is free of charge, here you can register (on-site or online) and of course see the agenda.

aMS Berlin 2022: 
OneDrive tips and tricks

Of course, I’ll also be giving a talk on OneDrive. Will I see you in Berlin?

Add to OneDrive
Way to Sync

Thrive Conference

24th of May – 25th of May 2022

Just a few days later, I’m off to Slovenia, somewhat hidden away in ECO Hotel Bohinjska Bistrica, where many speakers from all over the world gather for the Thrive Conference. This event is paid, but has its own charm, so I have to speak there once. And here you can register

Microsoft Build 2022

Microsoft technologies and the dev community: Who's building what? Get inspired! 


Microsoft Build 2022

24th of may 2022 – 26th of may 2022

Once again this year, Microsoft Build 2022 will take place exclusively online. The YouTube video where Microsoft Advocat Ayca Bas talks to my two MVP colleagues Thomy Gölles, Stephan Bisser and me about our joint project to digitize me, i.e. the development of the Community Bot for OneDrive, also brought us to Microsoft Build 2022.

Microsoft technologies and the dev community: Who's building what? Get inspired! 

The lecture reads:

Microsoft technologies and the dev community: Who’s building what? Get inspired!

and has the code CTS08. The session starts on 25th of May 2022 at 21:00 MESC in English. You have to register for the Microsoft Build

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