OneDrive Wish List for 2023

If you have read my wish list for 2022, then you will find out, that not so many things have changed. Yes, I have a Teams call with 2 members of the Microsoft OneDrive Product Group , but most of entries are still alive. And here are 4 new entries for 2023: Better response I would like to see better feedback on questions from MVPs about OneDrive. I’m thinking of the old Distribution List, where multiple people with the appropriate background knowledge answer the open questions about current OneDrive issues or forward them to the relevant people. This works 100% … OneDrive Wish List for 2023 weiterlesen

OneDrive – Group Policies documentation

Actually, it’s quite simple. Or is it?  I’m talking about implementing a group policy and then documenting it. So it is quite simple after all?  Not at all. But let’s take it one step at a time.  We are talking about group policies for Windows. For a group policy to be effective, the departments involved must be reconciled. This does not make things easy. Group policies for OneDrive are developed in the Windows PG. The OS product group ensures that after a policy has been activated, it writes a specific value to the registry in the local database of a … OneDrive – Group Policies documentation weiterlesen

The Book

It’s nothing to do with a quick read. Not even in the evening. Even the weekend is not enough for that. It is only a pdf file. However, in the English version with 880 (in words eight hundred eighty) pages. And it’s all about SharePoint and OneDrive. I just hope Microsoft keeps this document up to date. That’s right, you read it. The publisher is Microsoft. With the move from docs to learn, all links have been revised. So you should always use the link below, and read the complete work online. Only if you are in the mountains or … The Book weiterlesen

OneDrive – Files On-Demand

The third tip in the OneDrive Tips video series is „OneDrive – Files On-Demand“. Do you already know it? Then you can definitely tell me what the difference of the status „Local Available“ and „Always Available“ is. No? Then show the 9 Minutes Video… Please Subscribe my channel and follow me of course I wrote about the topic OneDrive Files On-Demand: Date Blog Post 06.01.2019 OneDrive Files on Demand for Mac Mojave released 08.01.2018 OneDrive Files On-Demand | Office 2016 and Copy (Move) 18.10.2017 OneDrive Files on Demand | Version 17.3.7073.1013 21.06.2017 Next Generation Sync Client – OneDrive Files On-Demand … OneDrive – Files On-Demand weiterlesen

OneDrive Sync Reports

The OneDrive synchronization reports are still in preview. And it will continue for quite some time. And the following has already been rolled out:Sync Admin Reports – Windows Support (May 2021)Sync Admin Reports – Sort and Filter (October 2021)Sync Admin Reports – View Aggregated Errors (January 2022). In development are:Sync Admin Reports – macOS support (currently plan in preview: March 2022)Sync Admin Reports – Bulk Data Export (currently plan in preview: June 2022). You can currently only add devices to Sync Admin reports if those devices are in the Sync OneDrive Ring Insider or Production. In the background, however, work … OneDrive Sync Reports weiterlesen

OneDrive Insider Version 22.045 and 22.055

In the week ending 3/11/2022, OneDrive Insider version 22.045.0227.0004 was released. Nothing flashy, but this version was then also chosen as the production version. Microsoft does not have time to update the official page. But here you can find all versions New Group Policy in OD version 22.045 With OneDrive version 22.045.0227.0004, administrators get a new group policy called „Allow users to contact Microsoft for feedback and support„. This is a computer configuration policy. One looks in vain for this policy in Microsoft’s official documentation. The string ID is „EnableFeedbackAndSupport„. The description of the group policy is: This setting specifies … OneDrive Insider Version 22.045 and 22.055 weiterlesen

OneDrive – Group Policy Series

Why? This is the first blog post that appears here now. The first, of more. On the topic of OneDrive and group policies. The background is that I find in my OneDrive workshops that the knowledge of these group policies should be refreshed in many administrators. However, I will limit myself to how group policies work. I will not describe programs that can be used to roll out these group policies such as System Center Configuration Manager, Intune or Microsoft Endpoint Manager. For the description of the group policy, I will only use the local group policy editor, for the … OneDrive – Group Policy Series weiterlesen

OneDrive | new Group Policy in 21.109.0530.0001

Starting with OneDrive version 21.109.0530.0001, we find a new group policy called “Prevent users from contacting Microsoft for feedback and support". In larger environments, in-house support wants to know where the users have issues. Then you can counter accordingly with training or internal documentation. For now, users have the option of contacting Microsoft directly. The administrators have 3 options to prevent this: Send Feedback Receive user satisfication surveys Contact OneDrive Support GP not activated GP activated OneDrive | new Group Policy in 21.109.0530.0001 weiterlesen

OneDrive | new Version 21.099.0516.0003

Something has happened again with the group policies. With the Insider version 21.099.0516.0003 on Friday, 05/29/21  a new group policy object was added. I also have to add something here: 21.073.0411.0002 On 5/18/21 this version was released to the production ring 21.078.0418.0001 This version was a prerequisite for the preview of the OneDrive synchronization reports. For this, there was also a new group policy called Synch Admin Reports (Computer Policy). I have already written a blog post about this. 21.083.0425.0001 However, the performance of the Sync Admin Reports messages was poor. That’s why Microsoft added version 21.083.0425.0001. The performance has … OneDrive | new Version 21.099.0516.0003 weiterlesen

OneDrive Sync Admin Report

When it takes a little longer…. What takes a long time finally becomes good. Yesterday was the day. The OneDrive Sync Admin Report was introduced. Review Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Orlando. There I gained knowledge for the first time. I was shown what the Microsoft OneDrive product group in Redmond is up to. Actually, though, the idea is much older. I described it here. And since yesterday the preview is available. This was announced in the OneDrive Blog. Ankita Kirti divides the Admin Report into 4 different categories: Get an at-a-glance view of OneDrive Sync across your organization. Quickly resolve … OneDrive Sync Admin Report weiterlesen

new OneDrive group policy| WebProxy logic

The computer policy is called Cause sync client to ignore normal web proxy detection logic, the version can be found in the admx/adml file shipped with OneDrive version 21.036.0221.0001. Microsoft has not yet added a description in the documentation. But this will change shortly Now you could say, I always install the English versions, but for all admimnistrators who struggle with English, it’s easier to install the German verision on the Windows 10 client. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. to compare the two languages. I’ve pointed out translation errors and other mistakes in the documentation in the past. And currently … new OneDrive group policy| WebProxy logic weiterlesen

Five steps from "Classic Sync" to "Add to OneDrive"

A change from the classic method of synchronization to the new synchronization with Add to OneDrive is not always easy. After I have described the principles here, then also again showed the advantages and disadvantages, now a step-by-step guide. We have synchronized the entire library. It does not matter how many items are included. When the „Files on demand“ function is enabled, the files that I do not have in progress do not take up space on the hard disk. This is about the SharePoint Online document library B2B-Marketing. The icon next to the folder indicates that the files are … Five steps from "Classic Sync" to "Add to OneDrive" weiterlesen

OneDrive: Differences in synchronization

Currently there is the classic synchronization at SharePoint Online document libraries and the new possibility called "Add shortcut to my files". There are advantages and disadvantages for both methods and significant differences. In this article everything refers to OneDrive for Business and not to OneDrive Personal.   Synchronizing SharePoint libraries Manual triggering of synchronization by clicking on the Sync button + Automatic triggering via group policy + The group policy always affects the root directory, so it’s all or nothing – Restriction by filter only conditionally possible, because faulty– If synchronization is cancelled, data remains on device – Synchronization must … OneDrive: Differences in synchronization weiterlesen

OneDrive: new Version and new Group Policies

OneDrive Version 21.002.0104.0004 neue Gruppenrichtlinien The time over the turn of the year is over. This is also noticeable in the versions that have been made available in the different rings for the OneDrive Sync Client (OneDrive.exe). First of all, there is version 21.002.0104.0004 in the production ring on January 25, 2020, which could previously be tested in the Insiders ring. Now we also learn what awaits the user with this version: Bug fixes to improve the reliability and performance of the client. New features gradually rolling out to users: Users will see a dialog teaching them about deleted content … OneDrive: new Version and new Group Policies weiterlesen

Add To OneDrive – the next step

In the long term, Microsoft is launching the next generation of synchronization with „Add to OneDrive„. The idea of synchronization, which is the basic element of collaboration, has its limitations, which has led to extensive reorganizations of SharePoint libraries at some Microsoft 365 customers. Although the processors of the small devices have become faster and faster, we are reaching our limits with very many files. With Windows 10, build 1709, „Files on demand“ has been introduced. This function accelerated the synchronization of large libraries considerably, because in principle only the entries of the file name had to be transferred. The … Add To OneDrive – the next step weiterlesen

OneDrive | Update: Exclude specific kinds of files from being uploaded

[Supplement 23.11.2020] This is a post to a blog post from 11/16/20. Please read here first Documentation The Microsoft documentation on Group Policy „Exclude certain file types from uploading“ is partly incorrect and incomplete. Incorrect: The registry key is incorrect Missing information: currently no Office formats are supported. I have only tested this with docx, xlsx and pptx.  Microsoft has informed me that the documentation will be adapted. In the wildcard description only the asterisk [*] is described. But also the question mark [?] works. Examples: In the group policy are stored: Files Synchronization Try.* Tryt Blocked Try.mdb Blocked Try.docx … OneDrive | Update: Exclude specific kinds of files from being uploaded weiterlesen

OneDrive | Exclude specific kinds of files from being uploaded

[Update 11/23/2020] The post has become bigger, so I wrote a separate blog post about it. So first read here, then switch to the new blog post Exclude specific kinds of files from being uploaded is the name of a new Group Policy for the OneDrive Syn Client. Requirement: You have installed the Insider version 20.201.1005.0006 According to the announcement the functionality will be rolled out in the first weeks of December 2020. Don’t worry, at the moment Group Policy is not working yet. I’m in contact with the OneDrive product group of Microsoft in Redmond, USA to find out … OneDrive | Exclude specific kinds of files from being uploaded weiterlesen

OneDrive – new Version 20.154.0802.0003 | Group Policy

With the Update came during the week. Not on the weekend. On 8/26/2020 I installed version 20.154.0802.0003. An insider version. And I was curious. Because with the installation also a ghost or duplicate, which had been there for some time, disappeared. Microsoft told me that you did not know where this duplicate came from. But that it would be gone with version 20.154.xxxx.xxxx. What am I talking about? I have two identical entries, but only one common memory location. But in the meantime, I found out what causes such a behaviour. For a Remote OneDrive Workshop I rolled out a … OneDrive – new Version 20.154.0802.0003 | Group Policy weiterlesen

ESPC20 – Learn from Home

The countdown is on to ESPC20 Online – only a few weeks to go! ESPC20 Online is a new virtual conference offering you affordable, world-class Microsoft 365 learning at your fingertips, from wherever you are in the world. Tune in live Oct 14th & 15th or catch up on-demand across 100+ sessions from SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure experts. Join me for my ESPC20 Online session: OneDrive Group Policies – User Adoption from Admins Perspective More and more Group Policies for OneDrive and for your Windows 10 were established to give administrators control over the devices, storage and behaviour. This … ESPC20 – Learn from Home weiterlesen