My events in March 2022

my events in march 2022
my events in march 2022

Four more events are planned in the next 14 days:


16:00: I have only 25 minutes to explain the problem with deleting files in OneDrive. Because that can get interesting in the age of collaboration. That’s why the talk is called

OneDrive – Löschen ist nicht gleich löschen

Here you can register and be there at 16:00. Here I speak german!

at 18:30 I am then virtually in Gdansk at the Meetup of the local UserGroup. Here I have with one hour but more time for

OneDrive – Tips & Tricks

You can register for this Meetup here and enjoy the hour in German language.


a major European event. TeamsNation. 13 parallel tracks – 140 sessions – 170 speakers. And here I am also speaking in German language on the topic of

Add to OneDrive – die neue Art der Synchronisation

take the day off. The day has it in itself. And there are still free places for this online event, for which you have to register here, if you want to be there.


If you only have time on a Saturday, you will have to make do with this English-language talk. I am speaking online that day in Pakistan at the M326 Discovery Series 2022. the talk is

Add to OneDrive – new way to sync?

You can sign up here to join us on Saturday at 1:10pm.

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