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CDC Germany 2020 – Cloud & Datacenter Conference Germany

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01 OneDrive

Für mich ist es das dritte Mal. Das dritte Mal in Hanau. Dieses Jahr am 13.&14. Mai 2020. Ich freue mich, als Sprecher mit dabei zu sein. Natürlich zum Thema OneDrive. Der genaue Vortragstitel lautet:


Is OneDrive really Enterprise ready?


Keine Angst, ich Der Vortrag wird in deutscher Sprache gehalten. Also dann mal gleich registrieren.

UserVoice: Save and Restore current OneDrive configuration

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UserVoice: Save and Restore current OneDrive configuration

Your harddisc has crashed. After the replacement you have to install your OneDrive Pesronal and OneDrive for Business and all the diffrent connections manually. Same procedure, if you got a new device.


OneDrive for Business

And you know, there are a lot of settings:

  • Start OneDrive automatically when I sign in to windows
  • Automatically pause sync when this device is on a metereed network
  • Display notifications when people share with me
  • War me before removing files from the cloud
  • Notify me when sync is auto-paused
  • Save space and download fioles as you use them

for each account/location: Choose folders settings

Manage Backup

  • Upload rate
  • Download rate
  • Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open
  • Sync conflicts
  • Insider version
  • Yes, several settings may be controlled via group Policies, but not all .

    OneDrive Personal (Consumer)

  • Choose folders
  • Personal Vault Lock time
  • Photos and videos
  • Screenshots
  • Upload rate
  • Download rate
  • Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open
  • Sync conflicts


User Voice request:

Save and Restore the configuration to the cloud

client Save/restore  from cloud
OneDrive for Business ODFB Configuration  with device id
OneDrive Personal Onedrive Configuration: with Device ID


      This could save so much time, individuals or enterprise companies.

OneDrive Issues with Windows 10 Insider 19564.1005

15. Februar 2020 3 Kommentare

Windows 10, Build 19564.1005, OneDrive Bug

This is only for people, using Windows 10 in the Insider channel (19564.1005).OneDrive (Next generation Sync Client) does not work anymore. It starts, you find the app in Taskmanager, but then it consumes up to 35% CPU power, no Icon established in the notification area. You got no error message.

So for me it looks for an authentification error, and there is no workaround this time.
Microsoft has to be informed about this bug.

If You work (heavy) with OneDrive, you should not install  this Isider Build of Windows 10 or go back to the old version of Windows 10.

[Update 02/16/20]

So I got some information from friends around the globe. The only way is hard, and you need a Office Insiders version of your Sync client with the version 20.033.0213.0001. But if you have this version of OneDriveSetup.exe, you got an error, which says, you cannot install it, bevore you have deinstalled the old version. Means Deinstall the old version AND the configuration. And then you have to configure your stuff manually.

[Update 02/20/20]

Microsoft has shown reaction. in two diffrent ways. First, the OneDrive Product Group has published a new Version of the Next Generation sync Client: 20.028.0206.0003 and Second, the supposed culprit, The Windows Insider Version with the number 19564.1005 will be replaced with 19569.1000. And here OneDrive is running again.


Why Does Microsoft bring a new Windows Insider Version on a friday?

European Collaboration Summit 2020

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European Collaboration Summit 2020

150 speakers from 24 countries, 150 Sessions, 30 Microsoft well know Speakers from Microsoft Corporation, 104 MVPs, 13 Reginal Directors, 7 Certified Masters and 50 new Speakers. Wow

The biggest Community event in Europe. in Wiesbaden. 08-10 June 2020. And I’m speak there. About OneDrive, what else.

B2B Sync – The surpreme discipline of synchronization

Interested? Reserve your spot and register now, Cu you there in June?

mbuf Jahreskongress 2020 in Karlsruhe

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mbuf Jahreskongress 2020  in Karlsruhe

Für mich ist es bereits das dritte Mal. Und zum zweiten Mal auf dem Messegelände in Karlsruhe. Der Jahreskongress der mbuf. Am 12.&13.5.2020. Dieses Jahr werde ich am zweiten Tag die Königsdisziplin der Synchronisation mit OneDrive vorstellen. B2B Sync.

Die Königsdiziplin der Synchronisation mit OneDrive

Also ein bisschen Azure, PowerShell, SharePoint Online und Synchronisation. Mit Live Demo.

Also schon einmal im Kalender die Tage reservieren. Demnächst gibt es dann das komplette Programm des mbuf Jahreskongress 2020.

Man sieht sich dort?

Collab365 GlobalCon1| 2nd–6th of March – Online

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Collab365 #Globalcon1 - OneDrive

A big conference week from 2nd to 6th of March. You do not have time or money for a journey? Don’t worry. It’s an online conference. If you want to see some sessions? Please register here right now.

I’m speaking about OneDrive, SharePoint and external organizations, have a demo in Azure, using PowerShell

SharePoint & Office 365 Saturday Warsaw 2020

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SharePoint & Office 365 Saturday Warsaw 2020

Its not only a SharePoint Saturday. It’s a combination of SharePoint and Office 365. And it will be start on 4th of April 2020. So it’s a good idea, to attend this event. Don’t hesitate to register now. Oh yes, I forgot: I’m also attend this event an will speak (most for the ladies) about

The Cloud in my handbag


For the men, who have no handbag with them: I will sign my autograph cards. So no reason, not to register and attend my session. Mr.OneDrive is in town! Cu you there?

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