Add to OneDrive | Disable Add Shortcuts to OneDrive

If you want to disable Add to OneDrive, you can do that as an Administrator. To  opt-Out you have to set Set-SPOTenant command via Admin PowerShell. The command is Set-SPOTenant -DisableAddShortcutsToOneDrive $true When the feature is disabled, the command to add folders will be removed; any folders that have already been added will remain on the user’s computer. But sometimes it is only, that the users do not understand the behavior. So I recommand to read my 5 steps from “Classic Sync” to “Add to OneDrive” but to fully understand, read the following Blog Post OneDrive Differences in synchronization or/and … Add to OneDrive | Disable Add Shortcuts to OneDrive weiterlesen

Add To OneDrive – the next step

In the long term, Microsoft is launching the next generation of synchronization with „Add to OneDrive„. The idea of synchronization, which is the basic element of collaboration, has its limitations, which has led to extensive reorganizations of SharePoint libraries at some Microsoft 365 customers. Although the processors of the small devices have become faster and faster, we are reaching our limits with very many files. With Windows 10, build 1709, „Files on demand“ has been introduced. This function accelerated the synchronization of large libraries considerably, because in principle only the entries of the file name had to be transferred. The … Add To OneDrive – the next step weiterlesen

Add To OneDrive – der nächste Schritt

Microsoft startet mit “Add to OneDrive” langfristig die nächste Generation der Synchronisation. Die Idee der Synchronisation, die das Grundelement der Zusammenarbeit darstellt, hat nämlich Ihre Grenzen, die bei einigen Microsoft 365 Kunden zu umfangreichen Umorganisierungen der SharePoint Bibliotheken geführt hat. Obwohl die Prozessoren der kleinen Geräte immer schneller geworden sind, stoßen wir bei sehr vielen Dateien an die Grenzen. Mit Windows 10, Build 1709 hielt dann zwar “Dateien auf Abruf” Einzug. Diese Funktion beschleunigte die Synchronisation großer Bibliotheken erheblich, weil im Prinzip ja nur die Einträge des Dateinamens übertragen werden mussten. Der tatsächliche Inhalt verbleibt in der Cloud, ist aber … Add To OneDrive – der nächste Schritt weiterlesen

European Collaboration Summit 2020

150 speakers from 24 countries, 150 Sessions, 30 Microsoft well know Speakers from Microsoft Corporation, 104 MVPs, 13 Reginal Directors, 7 Certified Masters and 50 new Speakers. Wow The biggest Community event in Europe. in Wiesbaden. 08-10 June 2020. And I’m speak there. About OneDrive, what else. B2B Sync – The surpreme discipline of synchronization Interested? Reserve your spot and register now, Cu you there in June? European Collaboration Summit 2020 weiterlesen

OneDrive For Business | Admin Access to a user’s ODFB

Scenario: An Employee leaves the company. What happened with his documents, stored in OneDrive for Business? So here is a quick guide, if you want to do download and upload the data as an administrator, using Next generation sync client Enable access as an Administrator in Office 365 to the users ODFB account  Connect as an administrator to the users ODFB with NGSC After complete syncing, connect to a different users ODFB Upload (sync) the data to this new users using NGSC If you only have a few users, this might be practicable. For the first step you need a … OneDrive For Business | Admin Access to a user’s ODFB weiterlesen

File Server to OneDrive for Business Migration

OneDrive for Business is gaining recognition and traction among SMBs and enterprises. In particular, replacing user home drives, commonly stored on on-premises file shares, with OneDrive is becoming a common request to Office 365 system integrators and MSPs. As our partners have started to do more of these projects, some common roadblocks have become apparent: More and more enterprise customers want to migrate their users’ Home drive, most often stored on File Servers, to the users’ One Drive for Business. But there are several hurdles: he structure of the File Servers is not in harmony with user names in Office … File Server to OneDrive for Business Migration weiterlesen

PowerShellPlus – 32Bit & 64 Bit Snapin’s

PowerShellPlus – 32Bit & 64 Bit Snapin’sPowerShellPlus, eine Powershell-Erweiterung mit grafischer Oberfläche wird an Montag, 25.August als Download zur Verfügung stehen.Was PowerShellPlus ist, will ich hier nicht beschreiben, vielleicht nur eines: die perfekte Integration der Konsolen Oberfläche von PowerShell, einem Code-Editor mit Intellisense und einer fantastische Hilfe. Hinter dem Programm steht der in der Scripting Welt nicht ganz unbekannte Dr. Tobias Weltner. Einfach ausprobieren.Für mich stellte sich gestern die Frage, wie sich Powershell mit der Problematik: „Powershell-SnapIn’s auf 64 Bit Systemen“ verhält und wie sich diese Probleme umgehen lassen. PowerShellPlus ist ein 32Bit Programm. Es läuft natürlich auch in Umgebungen wie Exchange Server 2007 oder System … PowerShellPlus – 32Bit & 64 Bit Snapin’s weiterlesen