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OneDrive | new Insider Version 18.101.0520.0002

Insider Version 18.101.0520.0002.

Microsoft has published an Update for the old Groove.exe (see separate post), and last week also a new version of the Next Generation Sync Client (OneDrive.exe).

old Insider Version 18.095.0510.0001
new Insider Version 18.101.0520.0002


Link to all Versions | Link to Microsoft change log .

As always, there are no information about this Update. So I do not have seen anything.
Do You?

OneDrive | neue Insiders Version 18.101.0520.0002

Insider Version 18.101.0520.0002.

Während für die Umstellung des alten Sync Client OneDrive for Business (Groove.exe) zum Next Generation Sync Client (OneDrive.exe) über die bekannten Update-Kanäle eine neue Version verbreitet wurde, siehe sep. Blog Post, wurde auch bereits letzte Woche von Microsoft eine neue Version des Next Generation Sync Clients auf den Weg gebracht.

alte Insider Version

neue Insider Version 18.101.0520.0002

Link zu allen Versionen | Link zum Microsoft Change Log  deutschenglisch

Wie so üblich hat Microsoft auch keine Informationen bereitgestellt. Mir ist auch nichts aufgefallen. Ihnen ?

OneDrive | automatic sync interruption | new version 18.095.0510.0001

New sync client - automatic sync stop

I have to correct me. But sometimes the US change log for the newest versions are late.

The version 18.091.0506.0003 is now a production release. And there is one characteristic, which I have seen, but not described. If Windows is change to safe mode, all synchronization will be automatic stopped.  The same behavior is starting , if you have declared a network to a metered connection.

You find that in Windows settings| Network & Internet | WiFi | Manage  known networks

metered connection  stops sync

Here you you may select your network and turn on Set the metered connection. The Picture is an example for the Germany railway “die Bahn”  called ICE. So in all railways you will have the same Hot Spot name WIFIonICE. The issue with this hotspot is, it is free of charge but they will throttle your connection, because your data volume is limited. So now I do not have to worry about that. On the other hand, if you work with Outlook, you will receive also a mark, that you will not receive any new mails, unless you switch off in Outlook. That does not mean, that you also switch on your Synchronization to OneDrive Personal, OneDrive for Business and synchronizations to all of your doc libs in SharePoint Online. If you connect later on to another WiFi-Hotspot, Synchronization with the Next Generation Sync Client will automatically start again.

So, that’s were some information about the production version 18.091.0506.0003

new NGSC Version for Insiders are available:




So each 14 days Microsoft release a new Version. And at the end of May they released a new Insider Version. You may download all versions from this Blog Post, this Insiders Version you may download also from here.

And here is the Link for the change log.


So I described it in my previous Blog Posts. Microsoft do not say anything about Insiders Version. If you found any new function or behavior, please advice me.

OneDrive | automatische Synchronisation-Unterbrechung | neue Version

2. Juni 2018 1 Kommentar

Blog 30

Ich muss mich korrigieren. Aber auch das amerikanische Change-Log zu den neuen Versionen hinkt der Veröffentlichung etwas hinterher.

Die Version 18.091.0506.0003, von mir als Insider Version eingestuft, landete im Produktion Ring. Eine Eigenschaft  habe ich bemerkt, aber nicht beschrieben. Wenn Windows in den Batteriesparmodus wechselt, werden alle Synchronisationen automatisch angehalten. Genau das gleiche Verhalten tritt ein, wenn man ein Netzwerk unter Windows 10 als getaktete Verbindungen festlegt.

Windows Einstellungen | Netzwerk und Internet | WLAN | Bekannte  Netzwerke verwalten

getaktete Verbindung: Synchronisation automatisch unterbrechen

Dann das Netzwerk auswählen und dort als getaktete Verbindung festlegen. Als Beispiel hier das WLAN der deutschen Bahn. Sitzt man in einem Zug mit WLAN und verbindet sich mit WIFIonICE,  muss man  sich keine Gedanken um das Datenvolumen machen, denn die Synchronisierung wird hier dann automatisch unterbrochen. Auch Outlook wird keine neuen Mails zustellen, mit einem Klick können Sie das in Outlook selbst aber abstellen, diese Änderung in Outlook wirkt sich nicht auf den Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC) (OneDrive Personal und OneDrive for Business und sämtliche  SharePoint Bibliotheken) aus. Klinkt man sich dann in irgendein anderes Netzwerk ein, wird die angehaltene Synchronisation wieder automatisch fortgesetzt.

So viel zur Version 18.091.0506.0003

neue NGSC Version (für Insider):




Mittlerweile kann man fast die Uhr stellen. Denn alle 14 Tage veröffentlicht Microsoft zumindest eine Insider Version. So auch zum Monatsende Mai. Da ist nämlich die Version 18.095.0510.0001 erschienen. Alle Versionen können hier herunter geladen werden. Die Insider Version gibt es auch hier.

Hier geht es zum Change Log (USA / Deutschland).


und wie bereits mehrfach geschrieben. Microsoft veröffentlicht keine Details zu den Insider-Versionen. Also müssen meine Leser ran. Wer etwas neues entdeckt, bitte melden

Next Generation Sync Client | Insider Version 18.080.0419.0003 published

10. Mai 2018 2 Kommentare

Next Generation Sync Cliuent: Insiders version 18.080.0419.0003

Don’t worry, if you do not have it right now. It will be published automatically if you are on the Insiders Ring. if you download and install a version manually, that’s your own risk !

So today I have included a table from Microsoft, but with additional Links (Insiders Ring)

    Insiders Ring Production Ring Enterprise Ring
Windows Last Released build 18.070.0405.00002 18.065.0329.0002 18.025.0204.0010
  Rolling out 18.080.0419.0003   18.065.0329.0002
(June 27, 2018)
Mac Last Released build 18.070.0405.0004 18.065.9329.0007

(Mac App Store)

  Rolling out     18.065.9329.0007
(June 27, 2018)

You will find other and older versions here.



Anyone outside, who see some changes on version 18.080.0419.0003?
Please send me your comments. Thank You!

[Update 05/17/18 from Jorma Heikkuri , Finnland]

If you want to delete a file via DEL Button or via Mouse and you are in a document library from SharePoint (Teamsites, Groups, OneDrive for Business OR OneDrive Personal you will receive a new dialog box:


so it depends, which Status the file has:

Symbol File Action Result
Files on-Demand always available allways available DEL Deletes it on this device and in the cloud , but copy it to the recycle bin
Files on-Demand Local available local available DEL Deletes it on this device and in the cloud , but copy it to the recycle bin
Files on-Demand Cloud Only Cloud Only DEL Deletes it on the Cloud without copying to the clipboard.
Files on-Demand always available allways available SHIFT+DEL Deletes it on the Cloud without copying to the clipboard.
Files on-Demand Local available local available SHIFT+DEL Deletes it on the Cloud without copying to the clipboard.
Files on-Demand Cloud Only Cloud Only SHIFT+DEL Deletes it on the Cloud without copying to the clipboard.

This box will pop up only with Windows 10 Version 1709 and higher AND with Files on Demand activated.

Cloud & Datacenter Conference Germany am 15.+16.5.18 in Hanau

Ich spreche auf der "Cloud & Datacenter Conference Germany" in Hanau

2 Tage mit je 6 parallelen Tracks macht 62 Sessions. Und ich freue mich, zum fantastischen Sprecher Aufgebot (62 MVPs, 6 Microsoft Technologen und 4 IT Spezialisten) zu gehören. Ich werde über

Modernes Arbeiten mit OneDrive

reden. Weitere Details auf der Webseite.

Man sieht sich in Hanau?

OneDrive (for) Business | Wishlist for 2018

20. Dezember 2017 Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

OneDrive for Business wish list 2018

OneDrive for Business, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft

So we are at the end of the year 2017. Microsoft has publish many changes and news. And the OneDrive product group in Redmond has done a good job. Two wishes out of my wish list from last year are still open. So it’s time to have a wish list for next year:

my wish list for the year 2018


Microsoft has done a lot of documentation for end users. But administrators need more. a complete documentation about parameters for configuration of the sync client. These Parameters are nowhere documented or do you know what perfAuditorIntervalInMilliseconds or AllowUserOverrideOfConcurrentUploads stands for? Sometimes administrators want to know the principle of the synchronization, to find issue of a user a little bit easier.


This is a wish from 2016. Today you may copy a folder with files or a file in the web browser from OneDrive for Business to a team site or a group. But only copy. No move. So the user has to delete the data from the origin after copying. And I want more. I want to move not only the last version, I want top move all data, also the metadata like the history version.

Shared from me

You share more and more data. I want to have a view, that lists all data, which I have shared with other people, and I want to have this list of documents also synced to my device.

Cross tenant sync

Sometimes I and other people have the situation, that I want to synchronize data from a folder of a users OneDrive for Business of another tenant, which was shared with me.This time you could do that only, if the user is a member of your own tenant.

Self update of the NGSC with delta

So I have described it several time, that Microsoft has some rules, which different criteria’s, when a device will receive an update of the Next generation sync client. So it will not use Windows Update nor Windows Update service (WSUS). The biggest advantage for WSUS is, that you only have one download, and then distribute the setup to all clients on your local network.  But this is not true for the NGSC. Each device will go and download the 24,5 MB of the Sync client. But you have to know, that Microsoft has no control of an installed proxy. Therefore I would have another wish, that Microsoft could develop an Update version, which is only a delta of the version, which was installed, means only a Delta of the update will be flow from the internet to each device.

By the way, last week (11/14/17) Microsoft published a new version of the Next Generation Sync Client. The actual version is now: 17.3.7289.1207. What’s new on this version. Look here and read.


Yes, Microsoft has a change-log. But I have a wish, that the description is released before the new NGSC is published.Sometimes it takes 14 days…

Perhaps you have also one or more wishes for OneDrive or OneDrive for Business. Write it down. Use the comment function.

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