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Ich bin zurück

29. Januar 2017 4 Kommentare

Ich bin zurück, Teil 5 meiner Episode, BitTitan

der fünfte Artikel in dieser Reihe beschreibt meinen Wandel vom Techie zum Marketing Menschen bei BitTitan.

Wer ein bisschen Zeit hat, der sollte Teil 1-4 erst einmal lesen

Teil 1: Mein erster Arbeitstag
Teil 2: Meine erste Arbeitswoche
Teil 3: nach drei Wochen
Teil 4: Nach neun Monaten

Teil 5 mit dem Titel “Ich bin zurück”  ist nach 444 Tagen hier in deutscher Sprache bei BitTitan erschienen.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen

Call That Girl’s Office 365 Show for Technicians Only | Show 68

23. Oktober 2016 Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

OneDrive, Podcast, Yammer, Groups, OneDrive for Business, Next Generatiun Sync Client, Call That Girl's Office 365 Show

Weekend? Relaxing? Not for Lisa and me.  Today I was a guest in Lisa’s

Call that Girls Office 365 Show

and we have talked about OneDrive,Yammer and Support.
If you have 92 Minutes free of time, click, download and hear Show 68

Thanks Lisa.

1.XING Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Community Get Together

18. September 2016 Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

1.XING Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Community Get Together

Am 20.Oktober 2016 ist es soweit. Das 1.XING Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Community Get Together, (Whow, was für ein langer Titel) findet in München statt.

Ein Tag vollgepackt mit Informationen rund um die Cloud und Office 365. Ich werde dort einen Vortrag zum Thema

Mail Migration – Der erste Schritt auf dem Weg in die Cloud

halten. Und hier geht’s zur Anmeldung.

Sieht man sich in München?

SharePoint Saturday Paris 2016 | Recap

Paris, Arc de Triomphe

If you come to Paris, you should do a  at least a little sightseeing… And The #BTBoys were very excited…

Avenue des Champs-Élysées The Eiffel-Tower between us

and everywhere: You see The Eiffel Tower…

BTBoy and The Eiffel Tower Me and the Eiffel Tower

The little BTBoys and the huge, large, big Eiffel Tower. Ohh, I forgot, there was a SharePoint Saturday, starting with a Speaker Dinner on the river Seine…

On The River Seine WP_20160527_20_57_45_Rich

Paris by night

and finally we found the original one

The Original Liberty statue


next morning, SharePoint Saturday starts. Like last year, we have to take the elevator to the 40th floor…, where about 200 attendees have listen to 25 Sessions including the Keynote session with Jeff Teeper, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, OneDrive and SharePoint

Tower of Montparnasse

and again, BTBoys were also in the Speaker room

Speaker Room

my session was about the latest news about Next Generation Sync client. And here is a Link to the Slide Deck.

My Session about NGSC

Laurent Gébeau a BitTitan partnerhas done a collage…BTBoys Laurent Gebeau

one part of my presentation was about File Server to OneDrive for Business migration

Migration FS2ODFB

and here you will find all pictures from Lauren Gebeau of the SharePoint SaturdayParis 2016.

The Keynote was done by Jeff Teeper at the end

Jeff Teeper Keynote

SharePoint Saturday was trendy on Twitter, over 1700 Tweets…

SPSParis Tweets

Special Thanks to Patrick Guimonet, Gokan Ozcifi and all the people in the background to made possible this SharePoint Saturday.

SPSParis 2016

OneDrive for Business – Migration File Server to OneDrive


Hier ein kurzes englischsprachiges Video mit Rocco Seiboth, VP Product & Marketing  und Vince Fournier, BitTitan CIO über die Möglichkeiten der Migration von File Server zu OneDrive for Business

Vince erläutert, wie einfach es ist, sogenannte Home Drives in die Cloud zu bringen…

Here you may see a short video with Rocco Seiboth, VP Product & Marketing  und Vince Fournier, BitTitan CIO about the possibilities of the migration from File Server to OneDrive for Business.

BitTitan’s Fireside Chats: File Server to OneDrive


Fireside Chat

OneDrive For Business | Admin Access to a user’s ODFB

OneDrive for Business, Microsoft

Scenario: An Employee leaves the company. What happened with his documents, stored in OneDrive for Business?

So here is a quick guide, if you want to do download and upload the data as an administrator, using Next generation sync client

Enable access as an Administrator in Office 365 to the users ODFB account 

  1. Connect as an administrator to the users ODFB with NGSC
  2. After complete syncing, connect to a different users ODFB
  3. Upload (sync) the data to this new users using NGSC

If you only have a few users, this might be practicable. For the first step you need a PowerShell Script. And here you find the description and the complete code

Add/Remove Secondary Site Collection Admin to all OneDrive for Business users

But for Midsize and enterprise companies this takes to much time. It would be better, to migrate the data direct for one users OneDrive for Business to another Users OneDrive for Business, using BitTitan’s MigrationWiz. This is a Software as a Service tool. You only need a Browser and an internet connection. So I have written a blog post about this Scenario here.

Source: PowerShell Script by Jiji Technologies

BitTitan | Azure Starter Kit – Webinar – more than migration

25. Januar 2016 Hinterlasse einen Kommentar


Your are a BitTitan partner?
You have not registered?
Your diary is free on  1/28/2016 11am PST?

The you should register immediately.

This coming Thursday is a follow up deep dive webinar to see the products in action (live demos!) and learn how to start making money with Azure immediately.
Amanda Hill, Partner Technology Strategist from Microsoft, will be presenting with our GM of Products, Rocco Seyboth, and several BitTitan product managers including Jethro Seghers.  The agenda is action-packed with demos and details on how the Azure Starter Kit can help you increase revenue and be more profitable this year. 

This training picks up where last month’s overview left off and is a must-join:

  • See in-depth demos of HealthCheck for Azure, Database Migration and Cloud Storage Migration
  • Increase sales with a training on how to run an Azure assessment, provide recommendations and use HealthCheck for Azure with your specific customers
  • Uncover, qualify for and take advantage of Microsoft financial incentives

Don’t miss out and register now!

Seriously – we expect it to be one of our best webinars ever.

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