Next Generation Sync Client – new Preview Version available

new Webdesign of the Microsoft Download site

Sometimes people asked me whether they should install the Preview Version of the Next Generation Sync Client in a productive environment. So my answer is: It depends. In the old days, Microsoft has called his early test versions “Beta”. Now they call it “Preview”. But that’s only a naming thing. Preview versions may have a bug. The answer for the above question is NO. The Preview Version of the Next Generation Sync Client is for administrators or private people for testing and reporting back issues of the software back to Microsoft. If you have technical Users in your company, they could install the Preview.

For all Users the current Version of the NGSC has the version number 17.6517.0809 released on 08/15/2016. This Version you may download from the Microsoft OneDrive website, this site now has a new design.


End of September, during the Ignite event, Microsoft published the first Preview of the Next Generation Sync Client. So you may read my Blog Post here. But if you browse to  the Microsoft Preview page, you may download the new Preview Version  of the Next Generation Sync Client. The Version Number is 17.3.6673.1011.

During the Preview phase there is no automatic installation of a new version. I have had installed Version 17.3.6642.0922 and the NGSC was connected to sync with

  • OneDrive Personal
  • OneDrive for Business Tenant 1
  • OneDrive for Business  Tenant 2,
  • Documents from different Team Sites,
  • Documents from Groups and
  • Documents “Shared with Me”
  • I also have written a blog post about the naming Convention

NGSC Acount information 17.3.6673.1011 Courage to install. Click on the downloaded Setup, it does not take a long time and the you will see, that the engine has automatic shift over to the last version

The first thing I have seen, one bug with the German language was fixed. That was only a GUI issue.

We know have the possibility, to see, how stable this Preview version is. I have had the issue with hibernation of my laptop, but this issue is fixed.

If you see any error, you should report this issue or error directly to Microsoft.
You can do that clicking on the cloud symbol in the notification area and click “Report a problem”

Feel free to send me feedback, but do not forget:

Version of the OS (please with Build-Number)
Version of the  Next Generation Sync Client

11 Gedanken zu “Next Generation Sync Client – new Preview Version available

      1. z.B. bleibt der Sync immer in einem Freeze Status den man daran erkennt dass eine Zahl von XXX Dateien gedownloaded wird laut Tooltip aber der Speed dazu auf 0,00 steht und sich das auch nicht ändert. Wir haben schon komplettes Reset des Clients / Neustart des Servers und Neu Sync probiert .. irgendwann hängt es und es geht nicht weiter ..
        Ein konkreter Fehler ist z.B. dass man an einem Notebook einen neuen Ordner anlegt und dort 3 Dateien ablegt..
        Auf dem besagte Server mit dem Client taucht binnen Sekunden der Ordner auf .. er steht mit blauem Haken als zu synchronisieren aber die eigentlichen Dateien werden nicht geladen .. Online über den Browser sieht man die aber und der Client weiß auch genau dass dort noch was gesynct werden muss .. er tut es nur nicht

        Ich habe dann über „Probleme melden“ das Problem genau beschrieben und nur als Antwort bekommen :: Server 2012R2 ist als Client nicht frei gegeben daher können wir nicht helfen.


      2. It seems that the sync client internal freezes .. you see at the tooltip .. 200 files to download but speed is 0,0 kb/s .. and this changes not .. also if i wait hours.. Did restart the server .. paused and reactivated syncing.
        Yesterday .. createt on a laptop into a sharepoint library a new folder.. an put 4 files into the folder .. all of them appereard after 30sec online on the web portal .. on the „problem“ Server only the folder was createt after 10 sec .. but no file was downloaded .. and the folder get the blue tag for „synchronising“ …. so the client know that there is something to sync .. but he dont´t do this.
        Reportet this error over the internal „Report a Problem“ .. only awnser from suppot .. „You are using Server 2012R2 as a client and that is not supportet … „


  1. Hello & 1 Question: As users whom are currently using the old version of OD4B Sync client and they have so many connections in place already. Will installing the new NGSC causes these users to lose all their previous connections? Any proper guide for rolling out OD4B for users with old version without causing them issues or losing previous connections?


    1. So with the PreView you have to do it manually… Until end of the year it will be automatically. But Think: Users with the old Groove.exe have to sync ALL, NGSC has Selective sync.
      Wait, until the GA from Microsoft !!


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