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Next Generation Sync Client | Sync to all doc libraries in Office 365

The Preview version of the Next Generation Sync Clientsyncs to all document libraries in Office 365

it took a long time. But on the first day of the Ignite conference in Atlanta, Microsoft has published a Preview version of the Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC). Now you may sync all document libraries in Office 365 to your local machine. The days of the old OneDrive for Business client called “Groove.exe) are counted.

NGSC Version 17.3.6642.0922

The Next Generation Sync client version number of the Preview is  17.3.6642.0922

First, here is the Link of all News, which are arrived and will come in the next weeks and month. Inside this article, you will find another Link, that directly points to the instructions. Please read them carefully and also the known issues, before you start the installation. And do the installation one point after the other.

I myself have had problems with Windows 8.1 and IE11 as a browser. Initiate with Google Chrome (53.0.2785.116) solved the issue. With OS Windows 10 and Edge as a browser I have had no issues so far, syncing team sites and document libraries of groups.

Also you may watch the video of Reuben Krippner,Microsoft Director Management for OneDrive, what will come now and the near future.

SharePoint Online Sync Preview

Why Preview?

The Setup of the preview version of the Next Generation Sync client does not install one registry key, this must be done manually. In the final version you will not do this anymore.

one more registry entry


Under the reg key section [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\OneDrive] you have to insert a new Key "TeamSiteSyncPreview"=dword:0000000 , but there is also a download for the Key.

first Sync a) for Team sites b) OneDrive for Business

You see the different Arrows for starting the first sync: The yellow arrow shows, that you start the syncing for OneDrive Personal and OneDrive for Business from the client.

The blue arrow shows, that you have to go to the time site or Group and initiate the sync from there. That’s the same procedure, we know with the old “Groove” client. The different with the NGSC is, that now you have the choice to select folders for selective sync.

So I have done to sync two team sites in Office 365 and if I open my explorer, you see the result:

Explorer view of OneDrive for Business 1) Synced folder and files from  OneDrive for Business

Synced folder and files from team site Finance

3) Synced folder and files from team site Marketing

4) Synced folder and files from 
OneDrive for Business
(additional Tenant)

it's a preview So you see here , that’s a preview. The German words in the translation are still too long


Finally Microsoft has managed, to publish this preview. You have to do install it manually and with your own risk. We will see during the next days and weeks, where we we will have issues.

  1. remv
    20. Oktober 2016 um 20:15

    Thank you Hans for clarification. Do you know if Office 365 groups are supported in the preview sync? My OneDrive keeps crashing when I hit sync.

    • 21. Oktober 2016 um 21:14

      Yes, Teamsites, Group and all selective. But only with the preview . There are some articles in the blog

  2. Loz
    12. Oktober 2016 um 18:21

    OK, thanks very much for that. Suspect this page might be getting a fair few hits …

  3. Loz
    4. Oktober 2016 um 18:09

    Does it work with SharePoint Team Site libraries on-premises?

    • 4. Oktober 2016 um 18:48

      No, not this time.

      • Loz
        7. Oktober 2016 um 18:59

        Thanks for the prompt answer, Hans!

        Is there any timeline of when it will work with SP on-prem libraries, please?

      • 11. Oktober 2016 um 07:29

        Cloud first, mobile first: After Global availability (GA) of the Next Generation Sync client (Yes, there are some bugs iun the Preview), hopefully Microsoft will announce a roadmap for SharePoint (on Premise)

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