Accessing the Newest OneDrive Versions

he article describes how Microsoft publishes different OneDrive versions for different rings (Insiders, Production, Deferred) and different operating systems (Windows, Mac). It explains the differences and advantages of each ring and how users can choose which ring they want to be in. Accessing the Newest OneDrive Versions weiterlesen

OneDrive Version 22.225.1026.0001

Starting with this week, Microsoft has published a new OneDrive Version 22.225.1026.001. So last week they published a lot of Minor Versions and the normal count was not normal for the new Version. Anyway, we will see, whats inside. If you need a certain Version you find all versions here for test purposes. All valid Windows Versions you may see here. So you may install an older version, to see, that the newer version has a bug or an unexpected behavior. You may download all OneDrive Versions of the OneDrive sync Client for the 3 Rings: Insider, Production and Deferred … OneDrive Version 22.225.1026.0001 weiterlesen