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Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon – Aufzeichnungen verfügbar

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon - Aufzeichnungen

Jetzt sind meine fünf Vorträge vom Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon komplett auf Youtube verfügbar.

Now all my five sessions from Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon are available on YouTube.

Die Cloud in meinr Handtasche
The Cloud in my Handbag
Mr.OneDrive’s BOT
OneDrive Gruppenrichtlinien – Nicht nur für Konzerne
OneDrive Group Policies – not only for the Enterprise

viel Spass beim Reinschauen – Have fun with the Sessions

4 MVP’s talking about tech Insides of Mr. OneDrive BOT

QnA Maker for knowledgeBase of Mr. OneDrive Bot

Four Microsoft MVPs Rick van Rousselt, Albert-Jan Schot, Thomy Gölles and Stephan Bisser are talking 30 Minutes about Mr.OneDrive Bot tech insides. 

You want to learn a bit? They talked about the BOT technology, Building the QnAMaker Knowledge Base in different languages, why german language is not the the best for translation, why Exvcel is not the right tool for a knowledge base,and at least some tricks and hints with qnamaker and Teams.

Here you may start to listen or better to show the recording

So until 1st of July 2020 you still may have a chance, to get the Beta of Mr. OneDrive Bot, but only if you register here

First answer of Mr. OneDrive Bot after asking "hello" in Microsoft Teams

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