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OneDrive (for) Business | Wishlist for 2018

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OneDrive for Business wish list 2018

OneDrive for Business, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft

So we are at the end of the year 2017. Microsoft has publish many changes and news. And the OneDrive product group in Redmond has done a good job. Two wishes out of my wish list from last year are still open. So it’s time to have a wish list for next year:

my wish list for the year 2018


Microsoft has done a lot of documentation for end users. But administrators need more. a complete documentation about parameters for configuration of the sync client. These Parameters are nowhere documented or do you know what perfAuditorIntervalInMilliseconds or AllowUserOverrideOfConcurrentUploads stands for? Sometimes administrators want to know the principle of the synchronization, to find issue of a user a little bit easier.


This is a wish from 2016. Today you may copy a folder with files or a file in the web browser from OneDrive for Business to a team site or a group. But only copy. No move. So the user has to delete the data from the origin after copying. And I want more. I want to move not only the last version, I want top move all data, also the metadata like the history version.

Shared from me

You share more and more data. I want to have a view, that lists all data, which I have shared with other people, and I want to have this list of documents also synced to my device.

Cross tenant sync

Sometimes I and other people have the situation, that I want to synchronize data from a folder of a users OneDrive for Business of another tenant, which was shared with me.This time you could do that only, if the user is a member of your own tenant.

Self update of the NGSC with delta

So I have described it several time, that Microsoft has some rules, which different criteria’s, when a device will receive an update of the Next generation sync client. So it will not use Windows Update nor Windows Update service (WSUS). The biggest advantage for WSUS is, that you only have one download, and then distribute the setup to all clients on your local network.  But this is not true for the NGSC. Each device will go and download the 24,5 MB of the Sync client. But you have to know, that Microsoft has no control of an installed proxy. Therefore I would have another wish, that Microsoft could develop an Update version, which is only a delta of the version, which was installed, means only a Delta of the update will be flow from the internet to each device.

By the way, last week (11/14/17) Microsoft published a new version of the Next Generation Sync Client. The actual version is now: 17.3.7289.1207. What’s new on this version. Look here and read.


Yes, Microsoft has a change-log. But I have a wish, that the description is released before the new NGSC is published.Sometimes it takes 14 days…

Perhaps you have also one or more wishes for OneDrive or OneDrive for Business. Write it down. Use the comment function.

OneDrive (for Business) | Wish list for 2017

29. Dezember 2016 2 Kommentare

OneDrive for Business, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft

The year 2016 ends.  And I haven’t written a wish list for this year. My last wish list (written in German language) was written 12/14. And as a result: All wishes are done. Now it’s time to write a new one. For the upcoming year 2017:

My Wish list for year 2017


Most of the implementation of the Next Generation Sync Client is done. What’s missing is a complete technical description. There is no description of all the parameters of the client. Also no description about the change of the client himself, Automatic Updates, Error handling, Group Policies and restrictions. If you find the idea of a complete description a good idea, feel free to vote for my entry in UserVoice of OneDrive.



In the old days I always talk about Encryption. And the old “Groove” Sync Client which was implemented in SharePoint Workspace 2010, and this was Part of the Office 2010 Suite, are able to handle such files. So that was perfect, to encrypt your SharePoint document libraries with RMS. But the Next Generation Sync Client does not handle RMS encrypted files. I think, that would be a good idea, that the NGSC may handle RMS encrypted files.


Move To

Yes, you may copy in a web-Browser files and folders from OneDrive for Business to Team sites and / or Groups. But only copy. No Move. But if you copy a file, you now have it twice, and Users are confused, because there are two identical files on two different locations.


Reintroduction of Smart Files

During development of The Next Generation Sync Client, Microsoft has to go back some steps. But Then you may able, not to implement the old Errors of the Groove client. Even the much more advanced SkyDrive Client had to be integrated. This caused, that Microsoft let die the Smart Files technology. And told us, that most of the users have not have understand the concept od Smart Files. The following Links will explain the concept of Smart Files, but at this time I only blog in German language.

SkyDrive | Smart Files für Windows 8.1
OneDrive – SkyDrive | Online – Offline – Smart Files | Windows 8.1
OneDrive und Windows 10 Preview | Ende der Smart Files?

We now have with the Next Generation Sync Client a robust Sync client, running in more then one Instance. The NGSC is available for many Microsoft OS and I hope, Microsoft will reintroduce the Smart Drive technology.  And not just for OneDrive (Personal), but also for OneDrive for Business, and all other SharePoint document libraries.


Access to SharePoint on Premise

I Know, many administrators wait for this feature. Yes Microsoft, we are syncing with your Office 365 cloud, but keep in mind, that there a so many SharePoint on Premise versions in the field, and these users want to let die the old Groove client. Yes, I know, that would not possible for the old versions. But I think such admins would sing Hallelujah…

Cancellation of the characters  # and %

Microsoft should also give us a time slot, that there are working on a solution, not only post an error, if a filename has these two restricted characters.


I know, it’s easy to write such a wish list. It does not take much time. The MAC world in now almost completely integrated and I know too, that’s not such a few lines of code. There is a lot of work on the server and client side. But let’s wait, which feature we will see first in the year 2017

OneDrive (for Business) | wish list for 2015

31. Dezember 2014 1 Kommentar

OneDrive for Business, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft

The year 2014 comes to an end. And on the last day I want to publish my wish list for Microsoft here. Because the users are not satisfied with the professional version of OneDrive . Too many problems clearly show that OneDrive for Business is currently only limited suitability for enterprise use. And Microsoft has not been able to roll out for the calendar year 2014, seasoned on the roadmap objectives, apps and functionalities. For me, the best message in 2014 was  most important: A higher-level manager for both products: Finally, both teams can learn from each other. It has been found, however, that can not be realized many functionalities, that were targeted in 2014.

my wish list for 2015

Stability when synchronizing

We all know the error messages that are not unique. The user himself can not do anything with these error messages and often know nothing about SharePoint limitations eg 20000 and 5000). Or the "&" character in the file name, …

Sync speed

I’m happy with unlimited storage in the cloud. But I’m not happy with the synchronization speed. Is that the old sync protocol? I need hours or days…

Support for files larger than 2 GB

You can do that with the personal OneDrive, but you cannot do that with OneDrive for Business: Files greater 2 GB may not stored nor synchronized. That’s a problem with SharePoint, or better: it’s a problem with the underlying SQL Server. And if all tenant are rolled out with Advanced File encryption (Fort Knox), then all data is stored in SQL-Azure. This complexity can not change that simple. OneDrive stores the data also in Azure, but in Azure Files.

native Client for MAC User

was indeed announced for 2014. Runs currently in internal beta testing at Microsoft. There are many customers, waiting for that.

Data Loss Prevention

Has long been present in Exchange, already announced in October for OneDrive for Business, but not yet rolled out everywhere. Configuration of warnings on all office documents that show the user warnings that he is about to be synchronized for the company critical documents in OneDrive for Business, more specifically, to share these documents with other people.

Better MDM options

The MDM capabilities (monitoring, which and where mobile devices were used) should be expand. Many enterprise customers use third-party products such as Airwatch, Good or Mobilelron, but they cannot use them because of a lack of suitable API interfaces.

Share a folder

So far, only individual files can be shared. But for projects with multiple files this is cumbersome. Sharing a folder would be a useful and time-saving feature.

Synchronization only on domain joined devices

Previously, each user can initiate a local synchronization with his credentials on any device. Also on devices that are not joined the domain. This wish is essential for many administrators and company’s IT

Reporting ad Auditing

Administrators would be happy if they know who, when, where and how to access OneDrive for Business and the data of team sites. If we can not restrict syncing, they want to have a  configurable audit and reporting function for admins.

OneDrive for Business as an additional drive

Users of Windows 8.1 and OneDrive know the drill. The integration into Windows Explorer. And Microsoft would find a much more rapid acceptance of OneDrive for Business when OneDrive for Business would be integrated as an additional drive. Via Group Policy or a configurator. As in many companies file servers are still involved.

Partial synchronization

First Microsoft announced 1 TB, then unlimited storage for OneDrive for Business are available. Sounds good, but , currently fails because of the amount of files, as described above with the SharePoint limitations. But even if these would no longer exist, there is another problem. How many mobile devices do you know, which have accurate store for saving 1 TB or more data on it? And currently you need the same storage twice for caching the data. The little brother OneDrive has the ability to partial sync the cloud data. That’s “Smart Files”. But with unlimited storage in the cloud, this technic also is not ideal. First approaches we find in the last build (9879) of Windows 10. There, a new concept was introduced, which actually goes back five steps at first. (Synchronization with Windows 7). And has also caused the displeasure of the tester. But that is only the first step in the development of nextGen Sync. But until the completion of Windows 10 Microsoft has still a few days time.

Display shared files in Windows Explorer

Many OneDrive user wish this function (yes, DropBox has it). And this function is also not available on the professional version (OneDrive for Business).

These are just a few requests to Microsoft. Its my personal wish list. The wish list has no priority order. I know there is still much to be desired. If you have an urgent wish for OneDrive or OneDrive for Business, you may add it as a comment to this blog post. I would be delighted. Oh, and by the end of 2015 I will be together again what Microsoft has realized it.

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