OneDrive (for) Business | Wishlist for 2018

So we are at the end of the year 2017. Microsoft has publish many changes and news. And the OneDrive product group in Redmond has done a good job. Two wishes out of my wish list from last year are still open. So it’s time to have a wish list for next year: my wish list for the year 2018 Documentation Microsoft has done a lot of documentation for end users. But administrators need more. a complete documentation about parameters for configuration of the sync client. These Parameters are nowhere documented or do you know what perfAuditorIntervalInMilliseconds or AllowUserOverrideOfConcurrentUploads stands … OneDrive (for) Business | Wishlist for 2018 weiterlesen

OneDrive (for Business) | Wish list for 2017

The year 2016 ends.  And I haven’t written a wish list for this year. My last wish list (written in German language) was written 12/14. And as a result: All wishes are done. Now it’s time to write a new one. For the upcoming year 2017: My Wish list for year 2017 Documentation Most of the implementation of the Next Generation Sync Client is done. What’s missing is a complete technical description. There is no description of all the parameters of the client. Also no description about the change of the client himself, Automatic Updates, Error handling, Group Policies and … OneDrive (for Business) | Wish list for 2017 weiterlesen

OneDrive (for Business) | wish list for 2015

The year 2014 comes to an end. And on the last day I want to publish my wish list for Microsoft here. Because the users are not satisfied with the professional version of OneDrive . Too many problems clearly show that OneDrive for Business is currently only limited suitability for enterprise use. And Microsoft has not been able to roll out for the calendar year 2014, seasoned on the roadmap objectives, apps and functionalities. For me, the best message in 2014 was  most important: A higher-level manager for both products: Finally, both teams can learn from each other. It has … OneDrive (for Business) | wish list for 2015 weiterlesen