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It’s curious. Last Thursday was the time, where Updates to “Groove.exe” should be found in WSUS. But there are not. Perhaps the Microsoft people, responsible for this are on vacation or Microsoft has no capacity on their Servers through the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Whatever reason, we do not know about that…

[Update 8/16/16]

Today this Update is published to WSUS

In the 2016 August Updates there are listed two Updates for OneDrive for Business, one for Office 2013, one for Office 2016, both only for MSI installations.

(Office 2013)

KB3115423 (Office 2016)

1) Translates some terms in multiple languages to make sure that the meaning is accurate.

2) Fixes the following issues:

After you run a manual repair for the synchronization of OneDrive for Business, an incorrect error message is displayed when the synchronization is blocked because of the requirement to migrate to the OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client. The following error message is incorrect: 

We can’t sync this library because the configuration created by the site administrator isn’t supported.

Instead, the following error message should be displayed:

Your OneDrive for Business files will no longer sync using this application. To continue syncing your files, please use the latest OneDrive application.

This means, that you will have to install the Next Generation Sync Client to sync data

3) Fixes an issue in OneDrive for Business in order to allow improved support of transitions to the OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client.

4) This update provides the fix for OneDrive for Business to handle incorrect server messages.

Essentially, there are so improvements in Groove client, the message now is to represent clear and preparations for the changeover to the next generation synchronization client (NGSC). Soon users, that have not yet converted to NGSC, "forced" to install the the next generation sync client.


before  8/2/2016 (Office 2013) after  8/2/2016 (Office 2013)
Settiungs of Groove.exe 15.0.4841.1000 (Office 2013) Settiungs of Groove.exe 15.0.4849.1000 (Office 2013)

Be aware that the update in Download Center applies to Microsoft Installer (.msi)-based edition of Office 2013. It doesn’t apply to the Office 2013 Click-to-Run editions such as Microsoft Office 365 Home

To determine whether your Office installation is Click-to-Run or MSI-based, follow these steps:

    1. Open an Office 2013 application, such as Microsoft Word 2013.
    2. On the File menu, select Account.
    3. For Office 2013 Click-to-Run installations, an Update Options item is displayed. For MSI-based installations, the Update Options item isn’t displayed.

    MSI oder C2R Installation

    You will found the file groove.exe here:  X:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15
    So the version for Office 2013 of the file should be 15.0.4849.1000 or higher.
    And the version for Office 2016 of the file should be 16.0.4417.1000 or higher.


It remains to be seen, when the Office updates appear in WSUS. Users who has no WSUS deployed, may download and install it manually.

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