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OneDrive for Business, Microsoft

Yesterday Reuben Krippner from Microsoft shows us from Ignite in Chicago News and the Roadmap about OneDrive for Business

Reuben Krippner, Live Demo Ignite  2015


OneDrive for Business, Significant investments

Reuben shows all attendees, where Microsoft has made significant investments:

Product Experience:

  • Unified Android, WP, iOS Apps
  • Mac sync client (preview)
  • Delve integration
  • Yammer document conversations
  • Modern attachments in OWA
  • Simplified file/folder mgmt. options
  • New search & discovery options

Security, Control, Compliance, Developer:

  • Automatic versioning
  • IRM support
  • Encryption at rest
  • Office 365 files API
  • DLP (preview)
  • MDM (Microsoft Intune)


He also made many demo’s about all statements above. At the end of his session he introduced the roadmaps, first the Roadmap about Product Experience:

OneDrive Roadmap: Product Experience

Q2 2015

New mobile PDF experience for iOS, Android

Send a link from Outlook Mobile on iOS, Android

Save to OneDrive for Business from OWA

Expiration of anonymous shares

Q3 2015

Next-gen sync client (PC & Mac) (Preview)

Unified web UX

Mobile Offline files (read-only) for iOS, Android

Stop/revoke sharing control

Company-shareable links

Q4 20145

Next-gen sync client (PC & Mac) (GA)

Windows 10 Universal app (including read-only offline files)

Planned (no timelines)

Offline mobile editing

Offline mobile folders

Mobile PDF annotation support for iOS, Android

Modern attachments for Outlook

Expiration of all external shares


and later the Roadmap about Security, Control, Compliance and Developer:

OneDrive Roadmap, Security, Control, Compliance and Developer

Q2 2015

Migration API SDK

Office 365 Management Activity API (Auditing)

Storage quota control

Q3 2015

Allow list/Deny list external sharing domains

Archive of external sharing emails

Intune support for personal/business accounts

Q4 2015

DLP Phase 3

Disable external sharing for specific users

Remove 20,000 file limit (ships with next-gen sync client)

Large file support (10Gb) (ships with next-gen sync client)

Planned  (no timelines)

Unlimited Storage

DLP support for mobile apps

Cross-tenant sharing control

OneDrive usage reporting

We must to be patient until the Q4 until we may use the NGSC (next Generation Sync Client). With the NGSC we will have no more the file-Limitation about 20.000 files. With the new OneDrive Client we are also will be able to sync Files up to 10 GB. But on the other hand,this means, Windows 10 will not have the NGSC on board. And with the NGSC you may be able to partial sync folders.

At the end of his session he gives us a short insight to the new Client:

OneDrive for Business, next Generation Sync Client

You may see the recoded session at Channel 9: Here is the Link

In the following weeks and months I will Blog of all these features.

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