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OneDrive for Business, Microsoft

I have written about it. And have spoken about on the past Events also . And now I have found a description about the the process: How OneDrive for Business sync works

OneDrive for Business,How OneDrive for Business sync works

1 The OneDrive for Business Client checks  in intervals on SharePoint if there are new or changed files
2 If you save a file in the OneDrive for Business folder, the sync-process will start
3 OneDrive for Business adds the new file to the MSOSync-queue. There is a logic implemented, if this file is IRM protected. About IRM I have written some articles here and here. If the logic found an IRM File, sync is done via WebDAV protocol, otherwise the sync process will start with MSOSync.
4 Files, not IRM protected will chunked in fragments and sync to SharePoint Online.
5 In Office 365only some metadata pointers will stored, the pointers show to SQL Azure.
6 The content fragments are stored in Azure Stores, each store will encrypted with a separate key. This procedure I Have also documented here. Microsoft called this “Fort Knox” or official  Advanced File Encryption

the following Web services will be used for sync:

Cellstorage.svc used for file synchronization.
Sites.asmx returns site collection information.
Webs.asmx used to work with sites and webs.
Lists.asmx used to work with lists and list data.
Version.asmx used to work with file versions,

Remember: This is done only for SharePoint Online, not for SharePoint Server 2013 (onPrem).

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