ESPC22 Interview and Year WrapUp

The year 2022 is coming to an end. This year, I was on the road at 22 locations. Some of them were virtual, but others were on site. And these events have shown that despite Teams, Zoom, WebEx and the like, there is no substitute for a real meeting with other like-minded people. The last big event was the ESPC 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where MVP Christian Buckley conducted an interview that you can access here or directly from this blog. And then there was something else. Oh yes, it’s Christmas time. And I would like to say thank you. … ESPC22 Interview and Year WrapUp weiterlesen

MVP Award–9 times in a row

MVP Award 2021 – 2022 Is it just me? Time flies. And in Corona times even faster. Another year has passed. And I feel honored, as I have for all the 8 years before. So now it’s 9 awards. One after the other. Uninterrupted.  I owe most of that to the community around planet Earth. 9 years, there are 3285 days or 78840 hours or 4730400 minutes. And since I can’t stop time either, you slowly get older, this is precious time. Thank you to all my colleagues, my fans, the many people at Microsoft and my customers. It’s not … MVP Award–9 times in a row weiterlesen

The Year 2019 – some highlights

So the year end. The decade ends too. At the end of this years I want to say Thank you. Thank you for give me feedback during the different sessions around the planet. Thank you, get some new friends. Thank you for my old friends. Thank you supporting me. Das Jahr geht zu Ende. Und auch das Jehrzehnt endet. Und deshalb wird es Zeit, Danke zu sagen. Danke für die vielen positiven Rückmeldungen während meiner vielen Vorträge, die ich an unterschiedlichen Orten auf den vielen Konferenzen rund um den Planeten Erde gehalten habe. Danke für die vielen neuen Freunde, Danke … The Year 2019 – some highlights weiterlesen