Events in 2022

The year 2022 was marked by many online and hybrid events. Nevertheless, it was still fun in 2022 to bring more information about OneDrive to the many participants around the planet.

January 2022Event
January 2022 saw the first online event in Chicago.
I always have fun at M365 Below Chicago
Due to Corona, the Modern Workplace Conference was also held online.
Februray 2022Event
In the 2.month of the year it went then online to Canada. Fantasic Event :Canadian Cloud Summit 2022
march 2022Event
Back in Germany, the first Online Event in March at Dresden. 2nd time Tips and Tricks
I need at least 20 minutes to explain the process of deletion in OneDrive. Time was short, but I managed to do it at Powerweek.
TeamsNation: This was a great Online Event. But it will not continued. Have talked about the new way of sync: Add to OneDrive
Another Continent, but the same talk at Mstechtalk
April 2022Event
Ony one event in April 2022. I was Online with them at MS Lousanne in Switzerland. Not all Users know the difference in sync.
May 2022Event
one of the biggest Online Events with up to 17 Sessions parallel, in different languages. I talked about oneDrive, in German and English at the Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon 2022
aMS Berlin. First time in Berlin. And it was really busy. A hybrid event makes a lot of work. More than my presentation on OneDrive
3 day break from the previous event, then a 14 hours train ride to the Thrive Conference in Slovenia.
While the other speakers were long since at the bar, there was still an hour for me and my 2 MVP colleagues at Microsoft Build 2022, talking and presenting the Community Bot for OneDrive.
June 2022Event
Knowing the Limits is the name of the new program that I presented Online for the first time at aMSPune in Pune, India.
nächster Online Event at aMSDelhi New Delhi, India also remote
Again an inPerson event in Vienna, Austria. A workshop and a lecture on the topic OneDrive at Infinity 365
August 2022Event
Spoken for the first time in the Congo. More precisely, at the aMS Kingshasa in Kingshasa.
A hybrid evening event at Office 365 Community Deutschland about group policies in OneDrive. The whole thing in Cologne.
November 2022Event
Once again I Chicago. And once again I talked about OneDrive at the M365 Chicago Satute to Services.
2 events in one day. A remote session in Munich at the M365 Summit with over 500! people…
…and then an inPerson event aMSGermany in Aachen.
Off to South America. Virtual. With 2 sessions on OneDrive on M365 SPS Live in Bogota, Colombia
At the biggest event in Europe this year at ESPC22 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the organizers had to reschedule. The 350 people would not have found room in the first room.

That’s it for 2022, and it will continue next year. With aMS Sophia Antipolis in France, the aMSBerlin in Berlin, the Infinity 365 in Salzburg and …

See you there?

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