OneDrive Sync Admin Report

OneDrive Sync Admin Report

When it takes a little longer…. What takes a long time finally becomes good. Yesterday was the day. The OneDrive Sync Admin Report was introduced.


Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Orlando. There I gained knowledge for the first time. I was shown what the Microsoft OneDrive product group in Redmond is up to.
Actually, though, the idea is much older. I described it here.

And since yesterday the preview is available. This was announced in the OneDrive Blog. Ankita Kirti divides the Admin Report into 4 different categories:

  • Get an at-a-glance view of OneDrive Sync across your organization.
  • Quickly resolve sync issues to help people stay productive.
  • Easily track the status of Known Folder Move rollouts.
  • Give remote workers confidence their information is synced securely in the cloud

OneDrive Admin Sync Report

And where can I view the OneDrive synchronization admin report?

Slowly, tonight only 1% of all tenants had been provided with the preview. Microsoft writes:


This is pre-release documentation for a preview program that isn’t available to everyone and is subject to change. This pre-released feature will be gradually rolling out to customers on the Insider and Production rings on 05/04/2021 and the roll out will be completed by the end of 06/04/2021.

And unfortunately, errors have crept in on the pageOverview of OneDrive Sync admin reports in the Microsoft 365 Apps Admin center” as well, but they will be taken out shortly.

Preview Requirements:

  • Only users in the Insider Ring or Production Ring are supported by the preview.
  • Currently only Windows devices are supported, MAC will follow later.
  • The OneDrive Sync client version must be 21.078 or higher. (Insider version 21.078.0418.0001 was published on 04/30/21.
  • You must be Global Admin, Office Apps Administrator, or Global Reader Role to configure this and get results.
  • You need to roll out a new Group Policy (included in version 21.078.) on the devices.

Error in the page:
You will receive a 502 Bad Geateway when you click on the following links:

Start with point 2 b i:

If you do not yet see a OneDrive TAB under Health /Integrity, your tenant has not yet received the bits.

Roll out Group Policy Sync Admin Reports to all Windows 10 devices.
(These devices must have OneDrive version 21.078.0418.0001 (Insiders or Production ring).

GPO: Sync Admin Reports

Now it may be a while before the dashboard fills with data.

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