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OneDrive for Business, Microsoft

I have written a Blog Post about the problematic of storage in “Team sites”. SharePoint architects know what I mean, Storage in Team-Sites is restricted to 10 GB storage + 500 MB for each user. If we look for the big data, customers store on her fileservers, then we see, there is a problem, brining these data to SharePoint (Online). And, of course, it makes no sense,copying all these files in the same structure (1:1) to SharePoint. Not every user needs everything. Therefore we should deal with the concept of SharePoint and libraries. On the other hand, require, for example, Field staff access to these documents and they do not always have an Internet connection. This fits the concept of OneDrive for Business. Local synchronization. But we also know that the old "Groove client" has its pitfalls. No selective synchronization and the restrictions (20000/5000) as well as limitations of the entire file name and limitations of certain characters in the file names are new challenges, not only for administrators, but also for all users. Microsoft is working on that, and with the NGSC, Next Generation Sync Client, is on the way. But such a thing takes time.

On the Server side (SharePoint Online), in the Microsoft Cloud, we will have the restriction about 10 GB + … And of course, you may purchase more storage.

storage in SharePoint Online for Team-Sites

Microsoft knows that, and in contrast to the Sync client, there has to be changed not so much. Apart from (many) hard drives, because somewhere all these data must be saved (SQL Azure). And in the official Microsoft Office roadmap there is an entry under "developing" with the label

Storage and file upload improvements for Sites and OneDrive for Business”.

palnned storage in SharePoint Online for Team-Sites

On the server side (SharePoint Online) the customer will have a free contingent of
1 TB + 500 for each user. Moreover, the current limit of 2 GB file size should be raised to 10 GB. This in turn relates to SharePoint Online and the underlying SQL structure and the synchronization client. The transfer of data from SQL Server to SQL Azure (see Advanced File Encryption (video), synchronization) Microsoft may already currently able to handle files >2GB <10 GB. But Microsoft has to be change the current sync client OneDrive for Business(Groove.exe). The new sync client is not ready, the old one makes some trouble. And if and when a change is made here that knows only Microsoft itself.

This currently remains really only wait and continue to work on the architecture of team sites. Because this is the first requirement. Also for migration

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