Office 365 | Roadmap – more storage

I have written a Blog Post about the problematic of storage in “Team sites”. SharePoint architects know what I mean, Storage in Team-Sites is restricted to 10 GB storage + 500 MB for each user. If we look for the big data, customers store on her fileservers, then we see, there is a problem, brining these data to SharePoint (Online). And, of course, it makes no sense,copying all these files in the same structure (1:1) to SharePoint. Not every user needs everything. Therefore we should deal with the concept of SharePoint and libraries. On the other hand, require, for example, … Office 365 | Roadmap – more storage weiterlesen

OneDrive | 15 GB more storage – Bonus storage, if you use camera-role

On a Friday, an unusual time, Microsoft announced on his OneDrive Blog, that all OneDrive users got 15 GB additional storage in the cloud, if you activate the camera role on your smartphone. It’s remain the same whether you use a iPhone, Windows Phone or an Android device. If you have already turned on this function (it transfers the pictures automatically to your OneDrive into the cloud), you will get this 15 GB memory too. So now each user has 30 GB storage in OneDrive Microsoft has done some actions, to give the user for a limited time extra storage. … OneDrive | 15 GB more storage – Bonus storage, if you use camera-role weiterlesen

OneDrive | more storage [Update]

Microsoft has announced  that all users OneDrive additional memory can be obtained. I have described here and here. And now it’s done. All OneDrive users get 8 GB of additional storage. Thus, each user has 15 GB of free disk storage available. Therefore Microsoft has released 10 petabyte storage in the cloud available. Those who have certain Office 365 subscription, now have 1TB of storage in OneDrive (Consumer Version) Office 365 Home,  1 TB storage for 1 user Office 365 Personal, 1 TB storage  for each of the 5 users *) Office 365 University, 1 TB storage for 1 user … OneDrive | more storage [Update] weiterlesen

SkyDrive Pro | jetzt mehr Speicher verfügbar | Versionierung

es sind 4 Wochen vergangen. Und pünktlich hat Microsoft gestern veröffentlicht, das sich Benutzer von Office 365 nicht länger mit Speicherproblemen bei SkyDrive Pro beschäftigen müssen. Speicher Bisher hatte man 7 GB Speicher zur Verfügung (genau wie bei SkyDrive) , aber eine Möglichkeit, das Volumen zu erhöhen war nur beim kleinen Bruder möglich. Doch das hat sich jetzt geändert Jeder Office 365 Benutzer erhält nun 25 GB Speicher für SkyDrive Pro. Die Berechnung des Speicher setzt sich wie folgt zusammen: SkyDrive Pro Speicher 25 GB E-Mail Speicher 25 GB für jede erstellte Site-Mail Box 5 GB + Tenant Speicher 10 … SkyDrive Pro | jetzt mehr Speicher verfügbar | Versionierung weiterlesen