More storage in SharePoint Online

new storage volumne in SharePoint Online

So since some days Microsoft has released new features on SharePoint Online. The overall storage on SharePoint Online is increasing. If you look on the Microsoft Office Roadmap there are still the old numbers:

old storage volumne in SharePoint Online

And now, it’s a huge difference: The allover tenant storage is increasing from 10 GB to 1 TB. But you have to know several things:

The discussion, I have such less free memory in my SharePoint Team sites, therefore I will do that with OneDrive for Business, there I have 1 TB storage, will end.

And there will also some improvements:

so in OneDrive for Business you may upload files with a file size up to 10 GB since December 2015. Now you are able, to do the same in SharePoint Team sites. Hopefully this is a misprint, but in Groups the file size limit is 2 GB. (But this depends on, which Office subscription you have.)

The important points:

You will find here a list.

Storage per tenant 1TB + 0,5 GB per subscriber
additional storage may be purchased
max File size upload limit 10 GB  Team-Sites
10 GB  OneDrive for Business

So here is the Link from Mark Kashman’s Blog post


Improvements for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business



It has been a long time. Admins will love these improvements. And now they can decide, using a SharePoint Team side and not have this done in OneDrive for Business.

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