OneDrive Version 22.166.0807.0001

Microsoft has released a new Insider version of the OneDrive Sync client. In the next few days, the Insiders will then receive version 22.166.0807.0001. The different versions that are currently available You find all current Windows Versions here, also to download for Test Purposes. And here you find all Versions of the OneDrive Sync client: Windows 32 Bit (Insider, Production, Deferred)Windows 64 Bit (Insider, Production, Deferred)Windows ARM (Insider, Production, Deferred)macOS Intel (Insider, Production, Deferred)macOS Silicon (Insider, Production, Deferred)iOS Android If you have installed the Community Bot for OneDrive in Teams, ask him with the Short Link „SL01“ OneDrive Version 22.166.0807.0001 weiterlesen

OneDrive – 64 Bit final Version

With version 21.062.0328.0001, the first PreView of the OneDrive sync engine was made available by Microsoft at the beginning of April 2021. So, from that point on, there was a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version. However, the transition was gradual. I published an article about the 64 bit version. And in my one week break, Microsoft announced that the 64 bit version has now reached the final status.  Namely with the version 21.165.0815.0001. This is an Insider version. Since Microsoft no longer lists an Insider version on its update page, I have listed the current OneDrive versions here. So … OneDrive – 64 Bit final Version weiterlesen

OneDrive – 64 Bit finale Version

Mit der Version 21.062.0328.0001 wurde die erste PreView der Sync-Engine OneDrive Anfang April 2021 von Microsoft zur Verfügung gestellt. Ab diesem Zeitpunkt gab es also eine 32 Bit Version und eine 64 Bit Version. Der Übergang erfolgte jedoch schleichend. Ich habe über die 64 Bit Version eine Artikel veröffentlicht. Und während meiner einwöchigen Pause hat Microsoft mitgeteilt, dass die 64 Bit Version jetzt den finalen Status erreicht hat.  Und zwar mit der Version 21.165.0815.0001. Dabei handelt es sich um eine Insider Version. Da Microsoft auf seiner Update-Seite keine Insider-Version mehr aufführt, habe ich die aktuellen OneDrive Versionen  hier aufgeführt. Es … OneDrive – 64 Bit finale Version weiterlesen

Microsoft Ignite | Video and Slides on Demand

Last week the Microsoft conference Ignite 2017 in Orlando Florida ended. And there were so many sessions. Many sessions are available now as a video and the slides , so you may see them on demand. I have spoken about “Upgrade your organization to the latest OneDrive sync client” Here you will find the PowerPoint slides and there is also the complete session on YouTube and here some other pictures (made by Raphael Köllner) Microsoft Ignite | Video and Slides on Demand weiterlesen