OneDrive for Business | Issues with Cache – Fix it

OneDrive for Business, Microsoft

Yes my friends. I cannot hear it any longer: “some of my files are not longer synchronized” or “I only may select on one device to this file” or “I have problems with the cache of OneDrive for Business”

Remedy is on the way. Microsoft has announced the Preview of the Next Generation Sync Client. But depending on the operating system on the client it will take 6 months, until we can easily synchronize data with this synchronizing tool. And with the NGSC you will no longer have a sync-cache on our system.

In the past I have written some articles:

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but for sync issues you should first try the Fix-It Tool from Microsoft. Or you may use the Troubleshooter for OneDrive for Business

Microsoft, Cache Troubleshooter:OneDrive for Business

If the issue still exist, there is another Fix-It, to clear the Cache of OneDrive for Business

FMicrosoft, Cache Troubleshooter:OneDrive for Business

But you should read carefully the KB3038627.

And: Make a Backup of your data!!

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