OneDrive for Business | 1 TB storage for each user. And then?

OneDrive for Business, Microsoft

Hey, you will have to buy new devices. Because Microsoft has increased the storage for OneDrive for Business from 25 GB to 1 TB. For each User.

Is that the response from Microsoft on the competitors such as Dropbox, Google Drive and co?

The main focus of OneDrive for Business is the storage of business documents in the cloud and synchronization to local devices, so that at any time, even without Internet, these documents can be edited. So far so good. And soon, we will then have 40 times of storage volume. These are the benefits of the cloud and Office 365. o company can such a memory expansion so easy even implement overnight (no extra charge). So Sounds good. Is it too.

And will confront us but with other problems:

There is currently no way to folders or files to exclude from synchronization. And the least mobile devices bring a SSD or HDD with free 1TB of storage space with it. Moreover, even the 2 GB File Limit in SharePoint, or rather in the underlying SQL Server exists.

But the times are now little things that will solve Microsoft in the near future. Maybe with the online / offline variant of the consumer product of OneDrive. And for images with the smart-Files technology. May be implemented from the Consumer product OneDrive.

But the statement is: The memory of OneDrive for Business is increased from 25 GB to 1 TB. This applies to all Office 365 plans for which OneDrive for Business includes:

And, Microsoft has promised that organizations should be helped to migrate your data to OneDrive for Business.

by the way: The storage increase will start in July

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