Folder Backup in OneDrive

„Installed through the back door (automatically).“ „I just kept pressing and pressing. And now I can’t find anything.“ My game results are synced to OneDrive.“ „My OneDrive is overflowing, I can’t save anything anymore!“ These are just some of the comments in forums like Reddit. Microsoft only wants to do good. But maybe the semi-automatic step is a step too aggressive for many. I can still remember the early days, when Microsoft didn’t even implement an explanation during the setup/configuration of OneDrive. And today, it has not become quite easy, because the selection is somewhat hidden. Manual Installation Whether we’re … Folder Backup in OneDrive weiterlesen

OneDrive Basics 04

First of all: Thank you for all the letters. Some things are well known, some things, even if they are only small things, have never been heard of before. I’m happy about that, and if you’re new here, you should read the first three posts first and start with the OneDrive Basics 01. While in the first three episodes we talked about servers and services, about programs and in the last episode we directly dealt with sharing and Outlook, today we’ll talk about the integration into Windows 10. The new Sync Client was already directly integrated in the first version … OneDrive Basics 04 weiterlesen