OneDrive Quiz | Answer #01

The first round is over. And on the various Socila Media channels I have received countless answers. Some wrote that the question had not been formulated exactly. That’s right. But like this or similar, I get questions via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or email. Here again the question and the choice of answers Question #01 A File, which is synchronizing with OneDrive for Business, will be selected by a User in Windows Explorer and deleted with SHIFT-DEL. Is this File lost forever? Answer A The file can be recovered from the recycle bin of the computer Answer B The file can … OneDrive Quiz | Answer #01 weiterlesen

OneDrive for Business | The Synchronization Diagram

Do you know, how OneDrive for Business is synchronizing files? To sync data, there are two different protocols MS-FSSHTTP File Synchronization via SOAP over HTTP BITS Background Intelligent Transfer Service Microsoft made this diagram, to show how synchronization is done: The Original Microsoft PDF you will find here OneDrive for Business | The Synchronization Diagram weiterlesen

OneDrive for Business – which Version of the NGSC do I use?

I have many devices. With different operating systems. Und, no surprise, with different Next Generation Sync Clients (NGSC) on these devices.  And to the top questions, I receive on different channels, is this one: Where do I get the newest NGSC Client, to manually install (update) it? an my answer is always: You do not need to update it manually. Let’s see the background: Updates from Microsoft for the NGSC do not come via Windows Update nor to Windows Software Updates (WSUS) nor through the Click to Run mechanism of Office. The NGSC has its own Update mechanism Microsoft used … OneDrive for Business – which Version of the NGSC do I use? weiterlesen

Microsoft Synchronization – Roadmap (NGSC, ODFB)

This article is about synchronization. Synchronization between the client and SharePoint Team sites and One Drive for Business. And the Microsoft Roadmap. Yes, there are some news. To get to the point: It will take a while. Microsoft has to be accused. There is not only one way to communicate with partners and customers. Although there is a site with a Roadmap for Office 365, where you may show all new and released components of Office 365, but also a Blog about OneDrive. So if you look about news about the OneDrive Blog, you do not find News about new … Microsoft Synchronization – Roadmap (NGSC, ODFB) weiterlesen

OneDrive for Business or Next Generation Sync Client: Synchronization

Now we are in a transition phase. These days we have three different clients for synchronization. And we also have to look for the operating system of the clients, sometimes we have one, sometimes two different sync-clients. And more often the users do not know, where they have to start the sync process. This description is only for Office 365! Client OS?, Yes that’s very important, And I have published a blog post here and here.   So here the description, if you have Windows 7, Windows 8.0, Windows 10 or MAC OS: the arrows show, where you have to … OneDrive for Business or Next Generation Sync Client: Synchronization weiterlesen

Windows 8.1 Update | renaming: SkyDrive to OneDrive

if expected, Microsoft has made changes in Windows 8.1 Update ( April 2014) in OS, but also has renamed SkyDrive to OneDrive.   First changes you see in the Windows Explorer…    in the context menu you are now allowed to interrupt the synchronization with OneDrive  to the cloud. Later on you may continue… Also the modern app is renamed to OneDrive   If you have made your synchronization Off and start your modern app, you will be remembered…     in the option section within you OneDrive modern app there is a new switch to interrupt the synchronization or … Windows 8.1 Update | renaming: SkyDrive to OneDrive weiterlesen