Windows 8.1 Update | renaming: SkyDrive to OneDrive

OneDrive SkyDrive

if expected, Microsoft has made changes in Windows 8.1 Update ( April 2014) in OS, but also has renamed SkyDrive to OneDrive.


Windows 8.1 Update: Explorer and the remaned SkyDrive

First changes you see in the Windows Explorer… 


Windows 8.1 Update: OneDrive and synchronisation Stop OneDrive Synchronisation to the Cloud is stopped

in the context menu you are now allowed to interrupt the synchronization with OneDrive  to the cloud. Later on you may continue…

Windows 8.1 Update: Renamed modern App OneDrive

Also the modern app is renamed to OneDrive


if your OneDrive synchronisation is stopped, you will be remembered

If you have made your synchronization Off and start your modern app, you will be remembered…



OneDrive modern App: Options: new switch

in the option section within you OneDrive modern app there is a new switch to interrupt the synchronization or you may continue…

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