OneDrive for Business | Local Sync of ‘Shared with me’ files

[Update 03/29/2020] The rules has been changed a bit. See new Blog Post.     if you have installed Version 17.3.6674.1021 or higher of the Next Generation Sync Client , first look for the blog post below, OneDrive for Business | Next Generation Sync Client (all Versions) Office 365 | OneDrive for Business, Team Sites and Groups – Overview OneDrive for Business | new Version 17.3.6743.1212 Naming Convention in Explorer with the Next Generation Sync Client then you are able to sync “Shared with me” to your local device. Here some pictures, which describe, how to do that. So the … OneDrive for Business | Local Sync of ‘Shared with me’ files weiterlesen

OneDrive for Business | Limitations

OneDrive for Business has several limitations. For example, in the filename. Or with the prefix “_” in the filename.  Bill Baer, Senior Product Marketing Manager by Microsoft, has published on TechNet an article about several problems with filenames. Most of them has her origin on SharePoint Server. But not at all: Problem description Location on SD card if you have a SD card on your device, you cannot use this card to take this as a location for OneDrive for Business data. Roaming Profiles For OneDrive for Business it is not possible to use it with roaming profiles. network drives … OneDrive for Business | Limitations weiterlesen