My recap about European SharePoint Conference at Barcelona


One day with workshops, then three days conference with well know speakers around the world, 4 Keynotes, around 1200 attendees from all European countries. Over 100 Session, all about one theme: SharePoint, SharePoint, SharePoint. For IT Pro’s and for Developer, For On-Premises and for the cloud, Exhibitions, Sponsors, dinner. And the city of Barcelona with sunshine. During the day, many, many informations, in the evening eating, tappaing, ramblaing and dancing.

sharepoint discussions with Martina Grom,Adis Jugo, Jeremy Thake,  Jethro Seghers and Hans Brender Lobby discussions with Agnes Molnar, Martina Grom, Christian Glessner, Jeremy Seghers
image My Session called, no surprise, the latest News of OneDrive for Business. I have about 180 people in the room and told them the story from the history, beginning with Groove, ending with tips and some tricks

I have had more the 60 slides, and I will split them in the future events and make two sessions out of this stuff. I also was in other session, listening for such and then about SharePoint, more than one time do the speakers have say some words about OneDrive for business.

I think, the product, yes, you may now subscribe to OneDrive for Business with Office Online, will establish in the market..

But do the user work with all the features?
Do they collaborate?
Do they know, that they may able to co-author a document with other users at the same time?

Perhaps they know it, otherwise they have to learn it. And this is not a software problem, also only (little) parts of the IT-Administrator are involved, the user may use it, but, business process has to be changed. Stay tuned and watch this blog to hear more about it.

And check here the next events, where you may hear more about it.

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