Identify which Sync-Client are you use for OneDrive (for Business)?

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Do You know, which Sync-Client do you use? Which sync client are you aspect behind the cloud symbol in the notification area? That’s not so easy, because there could be running up to three different Microsoft sync engines on your device. I have written an overview about the difference sync engines here.

Groove.exe – SkyDrive.exe – Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC)

rapid Identification

Search in the notification area to a cloud symbol. Which Color do you see?

white color blue color (also repeatedly)
it is OneDrive (Personal) it is a business account of OneDrive for Business:

OneDrive for Business
SharePoint document library or
SharePoint Groups

NGSC or SkyDrive.exe
Groove.exe or NGSC
SkyDrive.exe if your operating system is Windows 8.1
otherwise NGSC
Click with the right mouse on the cloud symbol:

is there a cloud symbol in the dialog

  If you see in the dialog a little blue cloud symbol, then the sync client is NGSC, otherwise the old Groove-client

so here you have the identification as a Visio diagram:

Which Sync client am I using?

So now it’s easier to ask your administrator, if you have any sync issues. If You have installed the NGSC on your device and want to know, if you have the newest version? Here you will see the Microsoft change log.

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