One year with OneDrive

OneDrive, Microsoft

So many things, and I forgot the birthday. Ok. But yesterday Microsoft celebrate OneDrive’s first birthday. Yes, we know, the baby is older, but law forced Microsoft to change the name from SkyDrive to OneDrive. And 365 days later…


and these things happend:

Increased free storage by three times to up to 30 GB (2x base quota, 5x camera roll bonus)

Office 365 storage benefit went from 20 GB to UNLIMITED!

Launched OneDrive for Business and added it to all our mobile apps

Office became free on iPad and Android

Partnered with

Increased upload performance by roughly 3 times

OneNote powered by OneDrive became free on PCs and Macs

Office Lens turns whiteboards and documents into Office files

Save and Send files in OneDrive from & OWA accounts

Introduced photo albums, tag support, object detection, and search

and the Next Generation Sync Client of OneDrive is in PreView (NGSC)


Happy birthday OneDrive.

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