OneDrive (for Business) problem? exact description required

OneDrive for Business, Microsoft OneDrive

its equal. You have a problem with OneDrive or OneDrive for business

If you have a problem, the first thing is recommended: Check, if you have installed all windows updates. You may do that with Windows Server Update services (WSUS) or with Microsoft Update (online). You should try the second version (online), if your WSUS admin have not yet approved all updates.

A customer told me, he has installed all updates. But he found one additional update with the online version. And this update corrects all problems.

Then tale a reboot with your device

The you may search the internet. You have to learn search and find , if you are not familiar with your sync problem. You may look also look a different forums. You have to look for the right place to ask your question. Or sometimes the user was on my blog and ask his question as a comment.

In 90% of cases I have to inquire several things, means, a description of the problem, no matter where you ask, must contain following:

OneDrive and OneDrive for Business

device? sometimes it’s helpful if you know what it is for a device: Classic PC, Tablet, Smartphone, …
operating system? Windows 8.1 ,Windows 7, Windows Server 2012,…
32 Bit / 64 Bit?
which service Pack is installed?
iOS, Android, Windows Phone Version? …
Company PC? It is important to know whether the device is integrated in a company or organization structure (domain), or a pure private computer
Yes, it is a company PC

the problem occurs only in the organization?
The company has a proxy server?
The company uses a firewall?
Are ports (firewall rules) been changed?

Yes, is a private PC

Signed in with the Microsoft Account?
Are firewall rules been changed?
Which antivirus is installed and active?

APP / Web-Browser / Explorer

If the problem occurs in the Modern-app?
If the problem occurs in Windows Explorer?
If the problem occurs in the browser?

SkyDrive Version although we speak of OneDrive problems, there is still a SkyDrive.exe in Windows system. This is located in the directory:\Windows\System32

which web browser is used?
which version of the browser?

problem description a detailed error description.

is there an error message?


additional information at OneDrive for Business

Installed version of Office Office 2013?
Standard or Professional Plus?
package or subscription (Office 365)? 
which subscription (Plan)?
Installation msi-package or C2R (Click to Run)
msi-Package Standard or custom installation
(aks your system-administrator)

what version of Groove.exe is installed?
Groove.exe see
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15
where do you received this installation?

standalone installation OneDrive for Business can be installed without Office. In what language is OneDrive for Business installed?
Office 2010 Are there any Office 2010 components on your device?
SharePoint Version SharePoint Online (Office 365)
SharePoint 2013 (on premise)
SharePoint Workspace 2010

Do you have access to a SharePoint Server 2010?
Is the client program SharePoint Workspace 2010 installed on your device?

OneDrive for Business
number of Files

how many files are synchronized?
how many SharePoint libraries are synchronized?

SharePoint team sites

how many team sites are synchronized?
How many files per team website is synchronized?

If encryption used?

IRM-protected libraries?
IRM-protected files?
Azure RMS protected libraries / files?

and after all:

What did you do before your problem occurred?

the most important links for the search:


  description link
Windows 8.1 OneDrive: FAQ

Microsoft, Windoiws 8.1, OneDrive, Q&A

Microsoft Community OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)

Microsoft, OneDrive, community

OneDrive Support the support-page for OneDrive

Microsoft, OneDrive, Support,



OneDrive for Business

  description link
Office Support the Microsoft support-page for OneDrive for Business Link


And if you now describe a problem, remember, must be deliver information from the above list.

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