Office 365 | unlimited storage in OneDrive (for Business)

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much storage, more storage and now: unlimited storage. Microsoft announced, that all Office 365 customers get unlimited storage in OneDrive and OneDrive for Business for all Office 365 users.

This storage will be available first to all Office 365 customers with storage OneDrive, the personal store

and later then to all Office 365 customers with OneDrive for Business , the commercial variant

    Why does customers with the professional Version OneDrive for Business get the unlimited storage at a later time?

Just now, you have several limitations with OneDrive for Business. Here are some

1) This time, you do not have the choice to selective sync files and folders to your local machine. The little brother OneDrive comes with this ability and this is a must for OneDrive for Business. If you do the initial synchronization  you must have 1,5 more storage on your local device. And: Tell me a mobile device, which has so much storage
2) The 20000 elements limit
OneDrive for Business is a site collection in SharePoint, OneDrive for Business also describes the location of itself, better known in the earlier days as MySite, and this confused many users, its called OneDrive, but this is not the personal one. And at least, OneDrive for Business describes the transfer technology. But this technology may synchronize only 20000 items.
3) The 5000 elements limit

the data in SharePoint Online are stored (this time) in SQL Server. And there is another limit, that you may store max 5000 files in one folder, then you will have a correct synchronization.

All these limitations I have described here (sorry, only german)

Microsoft brings up both developer teams (OneDrive and OneDrive for Business) together. They work hard, to bring the users the same experience with these different technologies. But at this time they have only one priority:

stability and performance

and here are the announcement links

FAQ Page

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