OneDrive | more storage [Update]


Microsoft has announced  that all users OneDrive additional memory can be obtained. I have described here and here. And now it’s done. All OneDrive users get 8 GB of additional storage. Thus, each user has 15 GB of free disk storage available. Therefore Microsoft has released 10 petabyte storage in the cloud available.

Those who have certain Office 365 subscription, now have 1TB of storage in OneDrive (Consumer Version)

      • Office 365 Home,  1 TB storage for 1 user
      • Office 365 Personal, 1 TB storage  for each of the 5 users *)
      • Office 365 University, 1 TB storage for 1 user

      • *)
          My MVP colleague Ed Bott has described here, how each user will get 1 TB cloud storage
        Thanks to my MVP colleague Günter Born for the tip.

      Still not enough memory?

    Then there is the opportunity to expand the available memory

    100 GB 1,99 $ each month
    200 GB 3,99 $ each month
    or you choose Office 365 Home with  1 TB storage for 10$ each month.

Customers, who  have already  registered OneDrive before 04/12/2012,  the product was called  SkyDrive, got 25 GB of storage. This was reduced in the past to 7 GB, unless you clicked before August 2012 at a special link. Then they kept the 25 GB. All of these customers will keep the memory of 25 GB, which is, however, now divided. 

Free storage 15 GB
Loyalty bonus 10 GB

And when you press here, you will see, how much storage do you have with OneDrive.
Here are some screenshots of different OneDrive storage:

OneDrive: your cloud storage

OneDrive: your cloud storage

OneDrive: your cloud storage

OneDrive: your cloud storage

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