OneDrive | 15 GB more storage – Bonus storage, if you use camera-role


On a Friday, an unusual time, Microsoft announced on his OneDrive Blog, that all OneDrive users got 15 GB additional storage in the cloud, if you activate the camera role on your smartphone. It’s remain the same whether you use a iPhone, Windows Phone or an Android device. If you have already turned on this function (it transfers the pictures automatically to your OneDrive into the cloud), you will get this 15 GB memory too.

So now each user has 30 GB storage in OneDrive

Microsoft has done some actions, to give the user for a limited time extra storage. So in December 2013 or at last am July 2014.

without activation of the camera Role with activation of the camera Role
camera-role not activated camera-role activated

Information from Microsoft about photos and the use of OneDrive you can find here.
And when I see how much memory is available? I have described here.
For this store, Microsoft has again have to buy a couple of hard drives, the more than 250 million use OneDrive now …

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