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Next Generation Sync Client | new version 17.3.6705.1122

7. Dezember 2016 3 Kommentare

NGSC: new Colors and Symbols

Starting at December 1st, Microsoft has released a new version of the Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC) for a broader mass of people

The version of this Sync Client has the number 17.3.6705.1122. And you see, the colors have changed. And there are some new symbols

NGSC: new Symbols in  Windows Explorer

Behind the new symbol (Tenant Name without the word OneDrive) you see all local synced files from different document-libraries from Office 365. These are the following:

  • Team-Sites
  • Groups
  • Shared with me files

Now the whole thing looks a bit tidier.

What has been changed?

    This version will automatically received by more users. And with the version 17.3.6705.1122 you have  the Released Version AND the Preview Version. That’s not so easy to understand. But I have described it in the following blog post.

OneDrive for Business | Next Generation Sync Client (all Versions)

    Some of my blog post follower have written, that they have to go back to the old version, because they have some issues, but I could not confirm the bugs. But I know. the new client will be better and more stable with each new version.

    OneDrive for Business | Next Generation Sync Client (all Versions)

    28. November 2016 15 Kommentare

    OneDrive for Business, Microsoft OneDrive

    The Next Generation Sync Client will be automatically updated. If you feel, that this is not working for you, you may download here the newest Version. And here is the Microsoft Change log about the different versions.

    Next Generation Sync Client: Sync to...

    Remarks about version 17.3.7294.0108

    no change log available

    Remarks about version 17.3.7290.1212

    no change log avilable

    Remarks about version 17.3.7289.1207

    158 versions later… (no change log so far)

    Remarks about version 17.3.7131.1115

    Bug fixes to improve reliability and performance of the client

    Remarks about version 17.3.7076.1026

    there make some corrections in temporary folders

    Remarks about version 17.3.7074.1023

    Error corrections

    Remarks about version 17.3.7073.1013

    OneDrive Files on Demand support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

    new Group ploicies

    Remarks about version 17.3.7010.0912

    no information available

    Remarks about version 17.3.6998.0830

    some Improvements about Group policy enforcement

    Remarks about version 17.3.6963.0807

    Summertime. Silly season. Fixed issues related to sync reliability and application stability.

    Remarks about version 17.3.6962.0731

    Windows Insider and First Release User have received the version at 08/08/17
    There is not change log available

    Remarks about version 17.3.6955.0712

    Windows Insider and First Release User have received the version at 07/29/17
    There is not change log available

    Remarks about Version 17.3.6944.0627

    for this time, this is the newest Version, which is rolled out to Windows Insiders

    Remarks about Version 17.3.6943.0625

    I have received it on a Windows 8.1 Device
    New features and updates: Sharing of files from context menu

    Remarks about Version 17.3.6941.0614

    This Version has been automatically updated from 17.3.6931.0609, but no information in Microsoft Change Log so far.

    Remarks about Version 17.3.6931.0609

    This is the first version of the Next Generation Sync client, which will bring back placeholder functionality. The exact name is OneDrive Files On-Demand. It will run only on Windows 10 Build 16215, which is available only for Windows Insider. See Microsoft Blog Post

    Remarks about Version 17.3.6917.0607

    They fixed a major issue from the previous version (Changelog). So I do not receive this version on any  of my devices

    Remarks about Version 17.3.6915.0529

    So I received this Update only on a Windows 8.1 with RegKey. On 05/07/17 I received this Update on my Windows 7 device and also on Windows 10. So here is the changelog from Microsoft.

    Remarks about version 17.3.6816.0313

    Blog readers have give me the information, that there is a new version of the Next Generation Sync Client available. Unfortunately not via download (Microsoft site). This version is coming with Windows 10 Creators Update. So with the Creators Update ( Version 1703 Build 15063). And there is no change log entry available.  Windows 10 Creators Update is available for download here at 5th of April. It will come via Windows Update on 11th of April 2017…

    Remarks about version 17.3.6799.0327

    So I received this version on 4/5/17. No Microsoft Change log available. But you read here
    [04/13/17 Update] Microsoft has updated the site and included version 17.3.6799.0327

    Remarks about version 17.3.6798.0207

    There are so many versions between 6743 and 6798, but the only statement from Microsoft is: Fixed the top issues related to sync reliability and application stability.

    I have written a separate blog post about Version 17.3.6798.0207 with some new things
    You may read it here

    Remarks about Version 17.3.6760.0105

    Microsoft has corrected the old item. but there is no Download for this version

    Remarks about Version 17.3.6743.1212

    For this version there is no changelog. But it is a Preview version, and you should read all documentation about it.

    Remarks about Version 17.3.6720.1207

    This version is installed with the Windows 10 Insider Build 14986 or 14393. After theses releases Microsoft also has released this verion to other groups. There ois a issue with the US chnagelog website, becauuse Microsoft cut out the version 6705.1122 and replaced it with the version 17.3.6720.1207

    Remarks about Version 17.3.6705.1122

    You see in the Changelog, that this version is a released Version and a Public Preview with the same number. In the MAC Area you see, that there are two different versions. So for MAC User, they now have a separate Download Link, because Apple does not change the version, so there is still an old version there.

    The difference with both versions

    Both versions have the same functions, but the Preview has some more, but you have to do something manually to get the new functions from the Preview.

    The Release Version now will be available to more users around the globe.


    If you want to test the new functions of the Preview version, you have to read the following articles:

    Transition from the previous OneDrive for Business sync client for SharePoint sites

    This Microsoft Article will tell us, how we are able to switch from Groove.exe to Next Generation Sync client to sync data from Office 365 document libraries to local machnies. But also the restrictions.

    Get started syncing SharePoint sites with the new OneDrive sync client – Preview

    In this article, also from Microsoft, you see the manual steps, like to download and install a Registry-Key. You have to read this manual until the end, because there are some issues with the Internet Explorer.


    You get some new features from the Preview version, if you do some manual steps. And this is the reason, why the Next Generation Sync Client is not global available. These manual steps must be automatically….

    Remarks about Version 17.3.6674.1021

    The Version 17.3.6674.1021 was first published as a preview version and now as a Released Version. This Version will work only with Office 365. And I advise you urgently, to read the following Microsoft Document. So with this Version you may sync data from

    • OneDrive (Personal)
    • OneDrive for Business
    • Files in Document-Libraries at Team-Sites
    • Files in Document-Libraries at Groups
    • Files, Shared with me

    [Note 11/28/16]
    Keep in mind, that the version 17.3.6674.1021 does not  automatic changeover your old Groove.exe libraries.Also you have to install a registry Key, to sync from Groups and Team Sites. Again: Read the following Microsoft Document

    [Note 11/29/16]
    I received an Email form the Microsoft Product Group, regarding the different versions:

    • The last full Released Version has the version number 0809
    • Version 1021 is an Interim Update and Release

    If you tenant is set on first Release, then you are able to use version 1021, to sync data from team sites. But you have to install the version manually and set the registry key. Do it with the Microsoft Document.

    The next full version will come this year with a version number 11xx


    To sync data with all SharePoint Server OnPremise (all Versions), you still have to use the old “Groove.exe”. Here is the Microsoft Download site for the 32- and 64 Bit Versions of the different Groove.exe.

    Next Generation Sync Client

    (Table with all Versions)


    OneDrive System requirements

    Datum Version  
    01/11/2018 17.3.7294.0108 Download
    01/04/2018 17.3.7290.1212 Download
    12/13/2017 17.3.7289.1207 Download
    11/21/2017 17.3.7131.1115 Download
    10/31/2017 17.3.7076.1026 Download
    10/24/2017 17.3.7074.1023
    10/12/2017 17.3.7073.1013 Download
    09/21/2017 17.3.7010.0912 Preview Version Download
    09/06/2017 17.3.6998.0830 Released Version Download
    08/11/2017 17.3.6963.0807 Preview version Download
    08/08/2017 17.3.6962.0731 Preview Version Download
    07/26/2017 17.3.6955.0712 Preview Version Download
    07/07/2017 17.3.6944.0627 Preview Version Download
    07/15/2017 17.3.6943.0625 Released Version Download
    07/14/2017 17.3.6941.0614 Preview Version Download
    07/13/2017 17.3.6931.0609 Preview Version Download
    06/13/2017 17.3.6917.0607 Released Version
    06/05/2017 17.3.6915.0529 Released Version  Download
    03/31/2017 17.3.6816.0313 (Windows Insiders Creators Update) Download
    03/29/2017 17.3.6799.0327 Released Version Download
    02/16/2017 17.3.6798.0207 Released Version Download
    01/23/2017 17.3.6760.0105 Released (no Download)
    12/14/2016 17.3.6743.1212 Public Preview Download
    12/14/2016 17.3.6720.1207 Released Version Download
    12/14/2016 17.3.6720.1207 Public Preview
    12/01/2016 17.3.6705.1122 Released Version. Download
    12/01/2016 17.3.6705.1122 Public Preview
    11/10/2016 17.3.6674.1021 Released Version. Download
    10/26/2016 17.3.6674.1021 Public Preview
    10/19/2016 17.3.6673.1011 Public Preview Download
    09/26/2016 17.3.6642.0922 Public Preview Download
    09/19/2016 17.3.6637.0915 Public Preview
    08/15/2016 17.3.6517.0809 Released Version Download
    08/01/2016 17.3.6514.0720 Released Version
    05/11/2016 17.3.6390.0509 Released Version Download
    04/14/2016 17.3.6386.0412 Released Version Download
    04/06/2016 17.3.6381.0405 Released Version
    03/30/2016 17.3.6378.0329 Released Version


    11/06/2017 17.3.7078.1101 Released Version
    10/19/2017 17.3.7066.1009 Released Version
    08/28/2017 17.3.6967.0824 Released Version
    07/27/2017 17.3.6945.0724 Released Version
    07/17/2017 17.3.6943.0625 Released Version
    07/05/2017 17.3.6919.0626 Released Version
    06/22/2017 17.3.6916.0607 Released Version
    02/16/2017 17.3.6798.0207 Released Version
    01/23/2017 17.3.6760.0105 Released Version (no Download)
    12/01/2016 17.3.6720.1207 Released Version Download
    12/01/2016 17.3.6705.1124 Public Preview
    12/01/2016 17.3.6705.1122 Released Version Download
    11/10/2016 17.3.6674.1021 Released Version
    10/26/2016 17.3.6674.1021 Public Preview
    10/19/2016 17.3.6673.1011 Public Preview
    08/24/2016 17.3.6517.0809 Released Version
    04/19/2016 17.3.6389.0415 Released Version
    03/30/2016 17.3.6378.0329 Released Version

    You may download the newest Version for MAC via Apple Store and now also via Download Link

    interne Links

    Office 365 | OneDrive for Business, Team Sites and Groups – Overview

    Naming Convention in Explorer with the Next Generation Sync Client

    Next Generation Snyc Cient | new PreView Version 17.3.6674.1021

    Next Generation Sync Client – new Preview Version available 17.6517.08096

    OneDrive – Next Generation Sync Client | Group Policies

    Next Generation Sync Client | Sync to all doc libraries in Office 365

    Microsoft Links

    Get started with the new OneDrive sync client in Windows

    Which OneDrive sync client am I using?

    Plan to deploy the new OneDrive sync client in an enterprise environment

    Deploying the new OneDrive sync client in an enterprise environment

    Transition from the previous OneDrive for Business sync client

    Administrative settings for the new OneDrive sync client

    Get started with the new OneDrive sync client on Mac OS X

    Deploying the new OneDrive sync client on OS X and configuring work or school accounts

    Restrictions and limitations when you sync OneDrive for Business libraries through OneDrive for Business

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