SharePoint Online | Download multiple Files

Sometimes it’s easy. You have to wait. And here the Big Brother have learned from his little brother. I’m speaking about OneDrive for Business and OneDrive (Personal). In OneDrive (Personal) the functionality of automatically packing files into a zip file, if you select more than one file and the Download was implemented a long time ago. 1 Select more than one file 2 Click on Download 3 All selected files are zipped into a file and you may save it. The message differs depending on the browser and its settings, Microsoft rolled out this new function to all tenants. … SharePoint Online | Download multiple Files weiterlesen

OneDrive for Business | April Update (engl)

Microsoft has released on 4/5/2016 an Update for the OneDrive for Business Sync-Client (Groove.exe) KB3114953 Fixes the following issues: If a SharePoint 2016 on-premises OneDrive for Business library is being synchronized, the local folder is created under the SharePoint parent and the right-click menu share action doesn’t work as expected. After you install this update, the library will no longer be created under a SharePoint parent and you can share files from the locally synched folder. After you restore the synchronization in OneDrive for Business, the repair feature may not work as expected. before  4/4/2016 after 4/5/2016 So that’s only … OneDrive for Business | April Update (engl) weiterlesen

OneDrive for Business | February – Update

So it’s quit. Quite with information about the old “Groove” client. But now Microsoft has released the Update KB3114509 for OneDrive for Business. the description is narrow: An error has occurred while attempting to synchronize this document library. Please get in touch with your helpdesk. So administrators and more often the users have received  this error message and this bug should be fixed with this update. before  02/29/2016 after 02/09/2016 You see, that the groove.exe is the same. But there are more DLL’s , that I have not monitored: File identifier File name File size Groove.exe Groove.exe   8,828,672 Grooveex.dll.x64 … OneDrive for Business | February – Update weiterlesen

OneDrive for Business | KB 2910935 (December patch) and more

Each month, also in December, Microsoft released a patch for OneDrive for Business. The Update has the number KB 2910935. You may read the description here. Responsible for the synchronization of data is OneDrive for Business, you may download a 32 Bit or 64 Bit Version here. If you search on your local machine for a program with the name OneDrive for Business, you will have no success. To describe why, we have to look into the past: Groove a peer to peer program, sync data over the firewall of your company. Founder was Ray Ozzie and the company named … OneDrive for Business | KB 2910935 (December patch) and more weiterlesen