SharePoint Workspace 2010 | convert to OneDrive (for Business)

SharePoint Workspace 2010 OneDrive for Business, Microsoft OneDrive-Logo-300x94

long long time ago, there was a program called SharePoint Workspace 2010. We have synced many documents in a complex structure for an organization from client to client. No we have OneDrive for business and OneDrive and the sharing capabilities

The structure of the SharePoint Workspace 2010

SharePoint Workspace 2010

  • about 630 MB
  • 107 folders
  • 1945 files

SharePoint Workspace 2010 to OneDrive or OneDrive for Business

First we have to create a structure in the OneDrive for business or OneDrive. Then you have to select the root of your files and press Save as, locate your local OneDrive for Business folders and save all the data to your local OneDrive for business or OneDrive folder. Depending of you internet upload speed you have to wait.

Result (here OneDrive)

Result after convert

Keep in mind that you only may convert files, no list, discussions… But its urgent, all filename dates are the same like the origin in SharePoint Workspace 2010. Only the folder dates are have the new date 

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