OneDrive for Business | KB 2910935 (December patch) and more

Each month, also in December, Microsoft released a patch for OneDrive for Business. The Update has the number KB 2910935. You may read the description here. Responsible for the synchronization of data is OneDrive for Business, you may download a 32 Bit or 64 Bit Version here. If you search on your local machine for a program with the name OneDrive for Business, you will have no success. To describe why, we have to look into the past: Groove a peer to peer program, sync data over the firewall of your company. Founder was Ray Ozzie and the company named … OneDrive for Business | KB 2910935 (December patch) and more weiterlesen

OneDrive for Business | Repair function

"Repair" added to OneDrive for Business With the release of the April Product update, build 4605, the OneDrive for Business “Repair” option is now available. Repair will provide the user an option to fix a certain set of client side sync issues thereby increasing user confidence and, enhancing the usability of the OneDrive sync client. This is a first big step in enabling impacted users to get to a good sync state The Repair option is available as part of the systray context menu. If you find you are currently in a permanent sync error state, please use Repair. Things … OneDrive for Business | Repair function weiterlesen