OneDrive | 10 GB limit and other news

On 09.10.2014 Microsoft has announced new products to OneDrive by Jason Moore on the OneDrive blog. So now it’s official: The limit for a single file is 10 GB (previously 2 GB). I’ve written about that here and here. There are also other novelties. With these innovations, but we must distinguish: Today and in the next few weeks available today Limitation of 10 GB The single file limit is 10 GB. In Windows Explorer, on the web browser. On Windows and on the Mac. Folder Upload via drag & drop in the browser You may upload folders with drag & … OneDrive | 10 GB limit and other news weiterlesen

OneDrive for Business | Limitations

OneDrive for Business has several limitations. For example, in the filename. Or with the prefix “_” in the filename.  Bill Baer, Senior Product Marketing Manager by Microsoft, has published on TechNet an article about several problems with filenames. Most of them has her origin on SharePoint Server. But not at all: Problem description Location on SD card if you have a SD card on your device, you cannot use this card to take this as a location for OneDrive for Business data. Roaming Profiles For OneDrive for Business it is not possible to use it with roaming profiles. network drives … OneDrive for Business | Limitations weiterlesen